Jake Hannah Life

I am a sophomore here at ETSU with hopes to leave with a degree in marketing along with a minor in advertising. I have lived in the mountains of western North Carolina all of my life so, coming here to East Tennessee State University was not a huge transition in landscaping.

The lake is my calm place. I grew up always going to the lake rather than the beach and I now prefer it. My family owns a houseboat and the most soothing thing was waking up and seeing the water as smooth as glass. Occasionally there will my a slight mist above the water. I enjoy fishing in general whether it be at the lake, a river or in the middle of the ocean. However, to me fishing in a lake is the way to go.

The town I grew up in was not even considered a town it was a community. We had one red light, two gas stations, one small family owned restaurant, and a school that up until I was in fifth grade was K-8. The town of Canton was a 15 to 20 minute drive every day depending on if I got caught behind a tractor while commuting. Pisgah was the name of my high school. I played baseball all 4 years there and took a liking to business through multiple business classes I took there. Even though I had grown up in a small area, I enjoy traveling to places including big cities, but if I could go anywhere in the world I would probably visit Fiji or Patagonia in Argentina. I hope to live in a city or near a city during my lifetime for the experience, but ultimately settle back down in the mountains. I enjoy hiking, hanging out with friends, and anything sports related. I am a movie fanatic. My favorite movies are Warrior and Sandlot. My favorite TV shows are Suits, White Collar, First Take, and The Office.

I participate in multiple intramural sports here on campus. This past fall semester I was on 6 different teams. I am an active Christian and proud to admit it. The challenges I had coming to ETSU was making friends and getting out of my comfort zone, which I feel like is probably hard for a lot of people. However once I started getting out of the dorm, playing intramurals, and joining The Well ministry here on campus, I met a lot of good people and made friends. A unique experience I have had here at ETSU is going to an event called Passion which is held in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a 3-day worship event with college students from all over the place. This year they said there was a little over 55,000 students in attendance.

My Life.

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