"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

For this project I tried to make the pictures as crisp and detailed as possible for the first three. I did not want too much imagination to show through so that it could easily show the main focus was on the shoes. For the last three I tried something new, and added pictures of the galaxy I found online to the backgrounds. I was listening to my Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack at the time and was not interested with the boring pictures of shows. So I tried to spice things up with a cool background.

Although this photo is not as creative as the others, I find it to be my favorite due to how crisp and clean it is, even with the torn edges.

Self Reflective

This was the original picture that I took with a low aperture (26 or so) and around a one second or 1.5 second shutter. It brightened up the picture more than I wanted, and the roots were distracting. I cropped the picture a whole lot and upped the vibrance to give it my vibrant and easy to look at style that I tend to use in most of my pictures.

This is my final product. I like how the water looks on the rocks, harsh in the middle but soft on the edges. If I could change it I would try to set up closer to the rock so I could zoom in more without losing quality to the picture.

I made many subtle yet fun changes to his face. I asked him if I could try and mold his face to what other people find most attractive. I took his scruffy beard and added more stubble to it, I put definition in his eyebrows. I thinned his face and cleared any acne. I added contrast and vibrance to his eyes and played with burning his face to give him a tan. I did go slightly overboard, but I really like how realistic yet completely different the final product was. I used maybe 20 layers on this face, and I am really proud of the finished product.

This is the finished product, and if I could do anything else to the picture I would take more close up pictures because he has very defined eyebrows and I could have used them for more projects if I took more time instead of 5 minutes of continuous shooting,


This picture is not perfect, because I took a picture of a flower and just mirrored it vertically. I like how it still looks semi natural but very symmetrical.

This is just a picture of a very symmetrical roof. I found it at a shed at my friends house and was very impressed because they made the shed themselves and it was very symmetrical and even.

This was taken a while ago, and even through it is not perfectly symmetrical, it does have the same type of framing on both sides.

I am using this as a non-symmetrical picture because it has the white ice crystals on one side, but not the other.

I was using the rule of thirds, which makes the picture unbalanced towards the left side.


John (Philocycler)

John takes many pictures of birds that are almost surreal and I wish I had the patience to wait for an object to photograph. With this image I learned that I can have the subject in the middle of the picture and not just in the third corners.

I have tried time after time to take pictures of icicles, and I am very impressed with how this turned out.

John has a very shallow depth of field in every single photo he takes, and I want to understand how he does that better to hopefully copy his style in the future.

the BEAUTY in nature

This one is my favorite because the blue fog almost looks natural in the forest and it gives it an eerie haunted feeling.

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