Phone land

Motto: Phones are great

Community Seal:

Mission/vision statement: We want to create a place to play on your phones without getting in trouble.

membership policy/community rules:

1. every citizen must own a phone

2. every citizen must spend at least 2 hours a day on their phone

3. Everyone must be nice

4. Everyone must have some electronic education

5. Everyone must charge their phone once a day and all night.

6. No phones can be taken away

7.everyone must/can have a social media account

8. Only spend 14 hours a week on social media

9. everyone must have the newest phone

10. No phones can be used as weapons

Location: This utopia is located in Hawaii because it is a fun place to be. everyone likes hawaii

Daily schedule:

8:00 AM- wake-up

8:00-10:00 AM- Get ready for the day

10:01-11:05 AM- Go to electronic school

11:06-11:30 AM- lunch

11:35-1:35 AM/PM- Free phone time

1:40-2:45 PM - charge phone

3:00-4:00 PM - homework

4:05-5:55 PM-Shop for things you need

6:00-7:00 PM- Dinner

7:05-8:00 PM- Read a book

8:05-9:35 PM -Freetime

9:45 PM - Go to bed

Government: Democracy- because I want the citizens to have freedom and I want them to choose who they want their leader to be.

Persuasive appeal: If you like to have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy spending time on your phone without getting in trouble by your teacher then this is the place for you.


Created with images by rhysadams - "iphone iphone 7 iphone 7 plus" • Provenance Online Project - "Inscription: Franklin, William Temple, 1760-1823 from Library Company of Philadelphia" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Pearl Harbor, Hawaii" • Dominic's pics - "Illusion of Depth and Space (6/22) - Rotating Green Smiley / Wink with Red reverse."

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