Portrait Paloma pIcazo


This picture is strictly focused of Torrie, this is the selective focus. In the background although slightly blurred it has visible lines that work as leading lines. This image isn't perfectly horizontal or vertical, it has some sort of diagonal angle.

Away from Wall

Codi is standing under a window so the natural is coming in behind her, you have see all the shadows and this light spot around her hair and arms. Alyssa can be known as merger because she is on the very edge of the picture and works as a distraction against Codi.

With Flash

Torrie and Journey are perfectly centered in this picture because they are both looking opposite directions. There is some cropping of some body parts but their upper body is there and in this case that is the important part.

Without Flash

This picture compared to the one with flash is much duller and doesn't have much of a pop of color. This picture does have a background full of bricks, this serves as leading lines.

Against the Wall

There is no cropping of any body part. The focus is more towards Journey's upper body/ torso, not so much the lower body. Journey is hugging some time of pillar connected to the wall which makes your eye follow the lines to see whats at the ends.

Subject Environment

This picture catches the guys from weights at a perfect point. this image defines the guys waiting on their turn with perfect focus. This image caught the balls flying through the air and the guys from the other side in the process of throwing them.

Natural Light with Window

Codi looks completely full of color compared to her dark background because of the natural light from the window. Codi's entire appearance makes her look like the pop of color of the picture.

My Choice #1

This picture of Codi and Journey shows a huge significance to color. They are both wearing black shirts with red and white of them which emphasizes their differences. The colors of the painted wall behind them makes them with their black shirts stand out.

My Choice #2

This picture has a lot of light, even though none of the light is on the actual subject. This doesn't make the image look bad it just makes is look more like silhouette.

My Choice #3

This picture uses the rule of thirds and leading lines. Torrie isn't exactly in the center and shes sitting on the hand rail with two lines going two opposite directions.

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