The Moon by Ethan Prigan

From what direction dose the moon orbit the earth? The Moon orbits Earth anticlockwise and Earth orbits the Sun anticlockwise, and the Moon and Earth rotate on their own axes anticlockwise.

How many moons are in our solar system? There are 181 known natural moons orbiting planets in our Solar System. There are 8 dwarf moons as well.

What is the age of the moon? . The moon is a very old soul, it turns out. A new analysis of lunar rocks brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts suggests that the moon formed 4.53 billion years ago.

How long after the first manned which landed on the moon did the apollo missions end?Launched 21 December 1968

Lunar Orbit and Return

Returned to Earth 27 December 1968

why were the six apollo lunar sites chosen?Between 1969 and 1972, 12 astronauts from six Apollo missions landed on and explored the nearside (Earth-facing side) of the moon. The six landing sites were chosen to explore different geologic terrains.

Conclusion: The moon has a lot more about it because it has been around for ages. There are more moons then just are's.

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