My 3D print Morgan B. m.

I started out with this. This was the drawing I was going to do for my 3D print. I thought that it looked cool, and it looks like it just came out of an old fashion video game. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment. I had to go through a lot though. For example, I had to make a drawing that I was going to use. Then after I made my outline, I had to color it in, so that it would print the interior too. After I colored it in, there were still some holes or small blank spots that would mess up my print. So I had to go into Photoshop and fill in the shape to make it whole and print how I want it. That is what it looks like here. (Below).

Next, I had to take a picture of it on a special app, and it is specifically designed for 3D printing, and it takes all of the things in the picture that are black or dark, and highlights them in green, and whatever is in green is what prints. But, I had a problem. I could not take the picture so that it only got my design, but some of the black on the parts of the computer too. So I had to use a bar on the side to change what is and what isn't highlighted in green. I finally, got it after trying so many places on the bar, Andy was actually really hard to do, because it was in such a specific place on the bar. It really took a while.

I'm sorry I cannot put the time lapse that I did of the 3D printing, but it was pretty hard to see anyway, it moved a lot. So I cannot show you that, but I can show you what it looked like when it finally finished printing and I had finished all of the steps before that. Here it is below.

Some of the biggest skills as an artist I learned are that the more you create it as your own with less inspiration, the more beautiful it looks to you. One more is that making big projects doesn't take a snap of the finger, it takes 1 million.

I think it looks very cool, no it look like it just came out of an old fashioned video game, like defender or something like that. Anyway, this is also the flexible filament, so you can bend it and even stretch it a little bit without it breaking! Well, no that you know the steps to making your own 3D print, I would say, the world of imagination is all yours!

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