Join Team 7230 Mythic Mechanix is looking for a wide range of students who are dedicated and passionate with interests in various fields, not just robotics.

What is Team 7230?

Mythic Mechanix is Irvine High School's FIRST Robotics Competition team. At the start of each (calendar) year, we have about six weeks to design and build a robot for competitions with other high school teams from around the world. Founded in 2017, we are the 7230th team to register. Our team is led and run by students (about 30 of them), with the guidance of our 5 mentors.

We were finalists at Battleship Blast, a one-day event part of LA Fleet Week this past Labor Day

We have competed in 3 official FIRST regional competitions and two off-season events. Our next event is Beach Blitz in Huntington Beach October 11th through 13th.

No experience needed

We are looking for team members interested in:

  • engineering, design, and computer-aided design
  • hardware and fabrication
  • programming
  • game strategy
  • communication and organization
  • fundraising and business/finances
  • graphic design
  • photography and videography

Dedicated students will be able to contribute and gain valuable experience regardless of their interests and past experience. Non-technical members are extremely valuable to our success!

Interest meeting: Tues. Oct. 1 @ lunch in UA9

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Check out our robot!

Build cool things!

Our robots are built by students using industry standard parts and tools.

Gandalf, Our robot for this year weighs over 100 pounds and can extend to over 8 feet tall!

It has 6 motors and 2 pneumatic pistons.

Program and drive robots!

Our robot is coded in Java and receives instructions over the WiFi protocall.

It can be piloted using standard game controllers.

We also need team members who analyze the objectives and rules of the game to optimize our score.

Help form our branding!

By a team vote, we selected the electric unicorn as our mascot and Mythic Mechanix as our name before the start of our second season.

As a FIRST team, part of our mission is to spread awareness of our activities and get out there!

To increase team spirit and show off our stuff, we need graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and more!

Raise funds and organize!

Just like a company, as an independent team we need members who make sure everything is going according to plan.

Our yearly team budget is more than $16,000, and there are tons of grants and sponsorship to be pursued.

We can't afford to waste time or money, especially during build season. Logistics team members keep things running smoothly.

Our team about to begin our first competition of 2019

Contact us

Email: frcirvine@gmail.com

Instagram: team7230

Facebook: IHS Mythic Mechanix Team 7230


Team 7230 and Irvine Standard