Theatre Arts In Shakespeare's Time Happy Mrs. Britt? YOU BETTER APPRECIATE IT!!!

A typical acting company consisted of ONLY males primarily because women didn't perform on the Elizabethan stage.

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Shakespeare was quite the odd one, because not only did he write for his own company but he also starred in his works. Soliloquies are when actors stand on stage alone.

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For these works of fiction which were performed for 3000 (At least that's how many could fit in the theater.) The Globe Theater was born to hold these monumental occasions. And let's just say, seating arrangements by this image were quite round, think Colosseum Theater Edition. Though what stunk was that after some lawsuit with the landlord they tore the thing down and moved it somewhere else, and rebuilt it with the timbers of the old theater, now calling it THE GLOBE THEATER.

Money was everything back then, even your ticket to a good seat at THE GLOBE THEATER! To get in it cost a penny (240 pence to a pound) which would also snag you a loaf of bread or a pint of ale! Guys and gals who paid one sat in the ¨Yard¨, like the ¨Groundings¨ they were. For two they could get a bench behind the Yard. For yet another, up to three could land somebody a comfortable cushion. But to get in the upper galleries, the minimum was 6 pence. If the audience liked the performance, they might happily dance along with the cast at the end of a comedy. But oh dear if you dare not impress the audience, the best you could get compared to now, was one big collective BOO YOU STINK! At the worst, they would pretty much toss anything and in cases, damaging the theater itself!

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At long last,the most important thing,I think,is the types of peoples who watch it,possibly,maybe not. Anywhere between the lower middle class,to upper middle,to very rich,to even the royals. Specifically Elizabeth and James the 1st. And even would summon these actors to perform in the royal court.

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