Before The Fall


"Before The Fall" By Noah Hawley is a mysterious book. A group of people decided to hop onto a plane back to New York. The flight was charted by David Bateman. Bateman is traveling with his wife, Maggie, the couple’s two young children, the family’s Israeli-born bodyguard, a friend who’s a financier and a successful painter who was offered a flight back to the city. 16 minutes later, the plane crashed. The painter Scott struggled in the water, and found no other survivors other than Bateman's 4 year old son, JJ. Swimming for hours in the cold, he got him and the 4 year old to safety. After the story/news went viral, he was known a hero, and a terrorist. Some people thought he was a hero, other people thought he caused the crash.

What I liked

The book was very descriptive about everything

What I disliked

The book was boring in the beginning

About the Author

  • In 1989, Noah Hawley graduated with a degree in political science
  • His mother encouraged him to write as she herself was a nonfiction writer
  • Noah Hawley published 5 books in his lifetime
  • He is also a film and television producer. He wrote and produced a TV series Bones.

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