New yr New Me My Resolutions

My Career in a nutshell

I want to increase my internet presence. My favorite part of social media is the fact that I can connect with people. Being myself and portraying my ideas for others to accept with open arms has been the MOST enjoyable feeling of last year. People telling me that they enjoy and look forward to my social media posts make me feel so warm and I want to continue that feeling. My voice makes people smile, my voice makes people think, therefore; my voice can make a difference.

I want to put my all in to my potential. I often find myself afraid of executing my ideas because of rejection. Rejection of collaboration with other creatives and conceptual rejection from the audience. Not only have I received nothing but love from those that do follow my creative outlets, but why should I care. These are my thoughts that deserve to at least be witnessed. So what am I afraid of? #LivingWithoutFear

You Guys obviously matter but i think it's more fulfilling to create for my own taste and not JUST to please the audience.
I have something to say

I want to be more vocal. I never stand up for myself. I'm afraid of hurting other's feelings and saying "no". So that's dead. I'm not saying that i'm going to stop doing things for others, but I'm going to try putting myself before others for once and see how that works.

I finally want to seek help with my mental health. I have been afraid of going to a therapist or thought I could handle things on my own. Like I always have. I can't anymore. (issokai to ask for help kids)

I want to end my laziness ONCE AND FOR ALL. 100 percent of the reason why I have not been posting anything on my website or YouTube was due to laziness.

I'm learning how to bullet journal

I need to be healthier. Just because I'm skinny does not mean I'm healthy by any means & just because someone is a little thicker doesn't mean they aren't. (I wish people would chill on this stigma) Anyway, I don't eat complete meals and i'm not active at all. It's about longevity and I don't want to deal with health problems as an adult. Wait,...... I'm an "adult" now... .

Sucking the bbq sauce off my finger in a slip dress is my aesthetic

Remember, at the end of the day, you are working on your own happiness. Not for validation or expectation, but for the betterment of you.




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