The Solution to the NFL's Concussion Problem It is time to use our heads

I wrote about solving concussions because as a former football player, and current football fan, I witness concussions happen a few times a week.

Concussions are a very serious problem in the NFL because players are hitting so much harder than in highschool and college, and players brains cannot handle the impacts received at the NFL level.

Scientist have discovered a way to reduce the concussion rate in the NFL 80%.

Scientist found a way to maintain the brains normal position, even after a heavy impact, by putting magnets in the players helmets that are repelling against each other.

These magnets will put force on the brain in all directions, which will give the brain no place to go even after a heavy impact.

Currently, the helmets the players wear only protect their skulls. The brain is still dramatically effected by heavy impacts.

The new helmets that are implanted with magnets will be expensive, therefore the NFL needs to raise funds from the general public to fund the research.


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