Education Without Learning: India and the Education System By:Jennifer Place

India's laws state that all children have the right to a valuable education, but the government doesn't enforce those laws and make sure the children get it.

In primary schools about 55 percent of enrollment are boys, while the percentage for girl enrollment is only 45 percent. The girl enrollment drops even lower when the secondary level of school is reached and the percentage is at 36 percent. The boys percentage is also at 66 percent.
According to the National survey, more than 13 million kids are involved in child labor. Girls are also two times more accounted for than boys in those operations, most working in domestic services. Some of the children found are even at the age of where they’re supposed to be starting first grade, the youngest working at the age of 5 or 7 years old, depending on who they work for.
Cave temples put together by rock, commonly located at Ajanta and Ellora, are included alongside the other temples like the Sun Temple that was built at Konarak (Konarka). Then there’s the many temple complexes at Bhubaneshwar, Khajuraho, and Kanchipuram (Conjeeveram) who must astonish all visitors. Impressive and more modern examples of architecture in India are the High Court designed by Le Corbusier and the Bhopal State Assembly building designed by Charles Correa. Famous Mughal works, like Humayun’s Tomb and the Taj Mahal, have definitely improved and showed the world that India can build and construct beautiful art that’s also useful (K.R. Dikshit).
FAMOUS DANCES IN INDIA: [Top Photo: The Kuchipudi] [Bottom Left: The Kathakali] [Bottom Right: The Bharatanatyam]
Art in India is very much present and is shared around the nation. Some of India’s most famous and their most popular works of art are from the patronage by the court, sometimes from temples, and individuals who are wealthy (K.R. Dikshit).


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