The Train Ride Continued by: MIkayla SEddon

We've arrived! Unfortunately, there were no windows to see the astonishing view, but that didn't matter, cause we're here! Tee's mom checked the time and noticed that there were still three hours until the new president was announced! But, when they exited the station, the city seemed to look different then they had expected.

Since Tee had to rush out the door, due to possibly being late, he was starving. Tee asked his mom if they and packed a snack, but had forgotten to. They waved there hands in the air for a bright highlighter-yellow taxi to notice them. When they saw their taxi, they asked to go to the nearest cafe. But Tee and his mom were shocked by the first sign they saw as they drove to the cafe. To their surprise the sign said:

Tee and his mom couldn't believe their eyes when they saw that sign. When they both arrived at the cafe, Tee's mom started asking everyone in the cafe: "What state did we arrive in?!" But the only answer she got, was California. With the help of a taxi, the two of them rushed back to the train station, to notice a train leaving for Washington in two minutes. Tee quickly grabbed his bags and ran on to that train. it wasn't till moments after the train started to move when they heard the intercom crackle: "Two and a half more hours till Washington. No smoking or radio players." Both Tee and his mom were really worried about not making it to the election in time. That thought soon began to disappear, as he began another relaxing train ride with his mom. At least this time there were windows to look out of.

By the time there were only five more minutes left, Terrence had explored the entire train, while his mom couldn't calm down from excitement. As soon as the train had stopped, Tee's mom grabbed his hand and their bags, and raced faster then she ever had before. Terrence was currently breathless by the view of Washington outside the train station, and because of how fast he just ran to keep up with his mom.

It was 11:40 A.M. and they only twenty minutes to rush across town. It took only fifteen minutes, as they claimed their seat in the audience. They were at the very back of the audience, since they had arrived much later then others. Tee was surprised by the number of people crowding around one little stage, and had never seen such a large crowd before. It was 11:55 A.M. as the queer thought of: 'Why isn't our new president here yet?' pondered in their mind.

Tee was very anxious to see the new president, while his mom struggled to calm him down. As they introduced his name on the speakers, he came from behind the curtains with Tee feeling ecstatic. The new president made a couple speeches, then signed autographs for fans. Everyone agreed he'd be an inspiring president to all of America.

When everything was over and done, Tee and his mom had lunch and after they headed back to the train station. One of the people working there asked for their tickets. They found a vacant spot on a nearby bench to find them. Tee's mom thought they'd lost them, after the first ten minutes searching, until Tee remembered something shocking. "Didn't we already use them when we traveled to California and back?" Tee's mom began to search for enough money to pay for two more tickets, but hadn't brought enough. Then they remembered Dad. His mom quickly called tee's Dad to see if he could pick them up. While Tee was waiting, he played with the yo-yo that he had left in his pocket.

When his mom finished talking, she announced that his father would arrive here tomorrow morning. It was 2:45 P.M. as they got a taxi to drive them to the nearest hotel. After they rented a room for the night, Tee and his mom enjoyed the rest of their exciting day in Washington. But unfortunately, the day came to an end, and they headed back to their hotel. Tee was exhausted from the long day. In one day, him and his mom had traveled to California, and to Washington. They both needed new clothes to sleep in for the night, and for tomorrow morning, so they did a little shopping that day as well. Both Tee and his mom fell asleep fairly quickly that night.

The next morning, Tee's mom woke by the sound of a gentle knock on their door. It was Tee's Dad, here bright and early. As they quietly woke Tee up, they got dressed with the clothes his Dad had brought, the whole family raced out the door, doing their best to get home as soon as possible. Tee had enjoyed travelling across the country, had they all knew it was time to come home.


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