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Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.

First 10 Days: Adventure Vlog

The first day out of the 1st set of 10 days, I had chosen to record an "adventure video". Instructed to record a day of content and something adventurous, I took a vlog, a short clip of my day. This was my favorite thing to do within these first couple of days because it was something that I loved to do initially. I started to come up with more creative ideas as I recorded throughout the day and became more excited as everyday went on. As I recorded clips throughout the day, I used the creative thinking tool of observing. Through the use of observation, I was able to see and differentiate what was viable for the video, to make an interesting but short clip.

Dance vs. Powerpoint

Scientist and writer, John Bohannon adequately proves his method in being able to give the viewers a better understanding of his talk about "superfluids" with the use of dance. We watched this video in class and we became strong in our beliefs that the use of dance, something completely different to science could be used to complement a subject that was not related at all to the initial topic. I myself was very intrigued to know more about the subject as I was able to understand what was going on through the body motions. I believe that they took time in body thinking to fully develop an accurate presentation which brought insight, a new direction in "modest proposals".

Childhood Learning Tool

The Memorization Station
Sketch of Protoype

For our childhood learning tool project, I was paired with 4 other members in the class to come up with a toy for children that would benefit their education in a fun and safe way. Throughout the many weeks of planning, sketching, laser-cutting, etc, we were able to come with a final product of, "The Memorization Station" which was a game that worked on improving a child's memory. Creating this toy was fun but also very challenging for so many different measurements and designs were required to even have a prototype. But through the use of design thinking, and imaging, both in which we had to imagine but also form on paper, we got to finish and make the final product.

Second 10 Days: Camera Angles

Angle #1
Angle #2
Angle #3

For the second set of 10 days for the 30 days challenge, I had chosen to take 3 pictures of the same object but with different perspectives/angles in each photo. I fairly enjoyed doing this for the 10-20 days for it was something that I enjoyed doing before we started the project. I specifically chose to take a picture of a boba drink from Lollicup because I love boba, and also that it was aesthetically pleasing to look at. As the next 10 days went on, I began to see my myself taking life-taking risks to take some of the most crazy photos. I began to see a change in regular angles to different perspectives. Through the use of recognizing and forming patterns, I was able to see the change and then make another change to make the photos look even better.

Creativity is the power to connect that un-connected

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Powerpoint presentation

One day in class, we were assigned an important person to analyze. Each individual had a model or a plan that they had developed, mine being Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. As a group we researched on Mihaly, and found that he created the connection between the field, domain and person, meaning that without the person, there would be no domain, nor field and vice versa. I got to learn through his perspective and I enjoyed learning more about the others as well. This can relate to outside world topics, for it is everywhere such as in businesses, homes, families, etc.

Final 10 Days

Burrito bowl please

White rice, black beans, less salsa

Want drinks with that, sir?

For our final 10 days of the 30 days challenge project, I chose to write 10 haikus within those 10 days. This one being my most favorite, I believe that I adequately described the setting and dialogue very well for one person to realize that the place I was talking about was Chipotle. Throughout the 10 days, I went from just describing the food, to writing about the perspective of the worker to give the sense of someone ordering. I think that this gave a new element to my haikus, making them a lot more fun and realistic. Through the use of design thinking, thinking to wear to place the words and how to present them was essential in writing.

Sid Martin Biotechnology

Sid Martin, world-recognized leader in biotechnology business incubation

Through this company and the use of creative thinking skills such as design thinking, imaging and determination, they were able to produce a product that would be beneficial to the future generations ahead. They sat down, analyzed/studied the anatomy and body chemicals in the body, designed the product and the form in which the product would be presented to the public. They descriptively explained the process in why they came to this conclusion, initially it being to improve the wellness and health of others.

Liz Lerman Dance

American choreographer and founder of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

This experience of communication and collaboration through body thinking could be important to innovation because it helps each of us to learn more aspects of teamwork. This interaction with other members through body, made the exercise physical and that is one of the most important aspects to innovation, getting physical and involved. And doing this with other members helps to develop that connection of teamwork, to see without talking when everyone would stop, to think about others including yourself. I felt this was a very fun and helpful experience because I got to feel stuff out of my body compared to just standing still like I usually am.

Creativity - like human life itself - begins in darkness

Empathy Journal

Wednesday 22nd:

• My sister cheated on her diet, showed how tempting junk food can be.

• My boss was working on a new recipe on a healthier style of Korean side dishes.

• My friend was drinking a Coco Cola on her way to class, researched later on that Coco Cola has a lot of unhealthy ingredients.

We were assigned to record in an empathy journal for a couple of days as we went on throughout our weeks, we had to focus on primarily health related issues. This helped me use the creative thinking skill of observing. Through this I became more aware of health issues and I now am more concerned with my health and others. This assignment revealed the true power in just observing the environment and the things around you.

Neuroscience of Imagination

This video was assigned for us to watch for Week 11. I learned a lot about the human brain and how it works, especially by having the ability to imagine almost the impossible. There are neural ensemble of fibers that represent each object that we see and as we try to imagine something such as a dolphin juggling a pineapple, both ensembles of neural fibers are fired to create that motion picture in our heads. This is very useful for this also relates to Analogizing which is the comparison of two completely different objects to make sense of a topic or discussion.

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