Chile By: Diana Braeunle and Avery Baldi

The Chile flag consist of two bands . One on top which is white and one on the bottom which is red. There is also a blue square in the left corner with a large single white star which represents honor . Each color present in the flag represents something important to the country of Chile. The blue symbolizes the sky, white is from the snow on the Andes mountains, and red is the blood spilled from lives lost during the fight to freedom.

Chile was first inhabited by the Spanish in the 16th Century. The country declared independence in 1810, however they did not officially defeat the Spanish until 1816. They later battled Peru and Bolivia in the War of the Pacific in 1879-83 to obtain territory of its northern regions. After testing the waters of several different forms of Governments, the Marxist government of three years was overthrown in 1973. Finally, a President was inaugurated in 1990. Today Chile has been know a a stable, Democratic country with increasing leadership in wold affairs.

  • Population: 17,650,114 people
  • Ranking: 64th
  • GPD: 45th in the world
  • Employment rates: 7% and 82nd in the world for..
  • Main industry: Chile's market is mining minerals like copper, and fishing.
  • Form of Government: Presidential Republic- president leads the executive branch that is separated from the government almost like a 4th branch of government.
  • Must be 18 years or older to vote and have been a legal citizen of Chile for 5 years
  • Chief of state and Head of Goverment: The President is Michelle Bachelet
Michelle Bachelet the President of Chile
  • Cabinet: Cabinet member s are appointed by the President
  • Elections are held on the 17 of November for the Senate in 2017 the Chile government will increase in size to ensure gender equality. Elections results are percent by party and that have several types of elections, similar to the USA.
  • Capitol: Santiago
Chile's capital city of Sanitago
  • 15 different Administrative regions
  • Independence day: September, 18, 1810
  • Constitution: Adopted on September 11, 1980.....became officially effect March 11 ,1981
  • Legal system: influence by European countries and is a civil law system
  • Legislative Branch: Arranged by Chamber of Deputies and Elections for this branch is 17 of November. The election winner is based of of the popular vote.
  • Judaical branch: Arranged by 20 judges who are appointed by the President. These supreme court judges are approved by the Senate. They are appointed for life with an retirement age of 70 years old.
  • Courts: Criminal tribunals, military, local police courts, and courts for families, labor, taxes etc.


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