Ikigai Udon Featured in Plano

The Plano, Texas food scene is growing every day. There is something for every taste, mood, occasion, and foodie.

If you are looking for fast, yet upscale Japanese food, check out one of our new favorites, Ikigai Udon in Plano!

Fast casual, cafeteria style Japanese restaurant with upscale decor that serves made from scratch Udon noodle soup and rice bowls that is customizable along with other Japanese tempura and musubi options.

8245 PRESTON RD. SUITE 100, PLANO, TX 75024

At Ikigai Udon, we are devoted to the perfect bowl of udon consisting of the deliciously famous Sanuki Udon noodle. The Sanuki Udon is the most renown dish in Kagawa, the udon noodle capital of Japan, because of its signature shape and texture. Unlike other udon noodles, the Sanuki Udon is widely known for its laborious and meticulously time-consuming process to produce. The dough for the noodle is carefully kneaded and rolled to create a soft yet firm texture and then is cut into long, square noodles which provides a satisfying foundation for any udon soup.

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