French Revolution News paper

France was in debt, because King Louis. He kept spending money which puts his people in poverty. Owners of factories earned only half of the wages. It caused French government to send troops to Paris for the riots. The queen was killed during French Revolution's “Reign of terror”.

Causes of the Revolution. In the 1780s resentments against the French monarchy fueled anger throughout France. A social and political structure called the "Old Order". Supposedly created inequalities in the French society. The king was the top priority. And three social groups called estates were the ones under him.

Napoleon's rise to power, he was a ruthlessly ambitious young man. The French Revolution gave him an opportunity to rise quickly to power. He would rise from a mere army captain to become the ruler of France. He won a dazzling victory over Austrian troops in Italy. He had poor leadership. Which is a bad quality of him. But he also helped the French. Mexico declares independence for a Spain. And by 1815 Allied forces defeat Napoleon at Battle of Waterloo. Than by 1821 Napoleon dies in Exile.

Napoleon made the best of his chances. Coming up with a daring plan to retake the port by surrounding the harbor with 80 cannons. Within 48 hours the port was his. This victory showed Napoleons genius for military strategy, and brought him both notice and promotion.

He kept his defeat out of the press and exaggerated the successes of the French army, becoming an national hero in the process. He continued to grow building up his status as a hero. Napoleon pledged to uphold a key Revolutionary reforms. People would willingly give up some freedoms if he could bring peace, prosperity, and glory to France.

The Portuguese refused to comply with the continental system because of depending on trades with Britain. Napoleon decided to send French troops in Portugal to take control and drive the King out. But there was still one more enemy in the end. Which was the Spanish. They began a guerrilla war which bands peasants ambushed by French troops and raided French camps.

People who knew or met Napoleon held many different opinions. He inspired fierce loyalty in his troops. His wife Josephine adored him. People who were known as observers saw Napoleon as cold and unfeeling. With famous people, historians, and artists have also portrayed him in different ways. Depending on point of view.

Napoleon left a legacy in France as well throughout Europe. In France he ensured some basic ideas of Revolution would remain part as the French government. Historians refer to this as "The Age Of Napoleon".

Throughout Europe Napoleons actions helped fuel the spread of nationalism. A sense of identity and unity as a person. During Revolution, the French people developed a new loyalty to France as a whole. Similar feelings of nationalism spread to people that Napoleon had conquered.

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