My photography Alyssa castello

Some of my very first photography
One of my favorite photos I took at the beginning of the class. I used contrast in this photo.
Before and after edited in snapseed.
Before and after edited in snapseed.
This is one of my favorite pictures I've edited on snapseed because I feel it gives off a kind of spooky vibe.
Photography taken after photographer Kait Robinson.
Black and white photography.
This is my favorite black and white photography because I like how you can tell the texture of all the objects in it and the texture is kind of like a contrast.
Still life photography.
This is my favorite still life photo I took because I like how smooth the petals look and how rough the center looks. They contrast each other.
People photography.
Favorite person photography because I like how dark and serious it came out.
I feel out of the entire course, these pictures are the ones that came out the best. This class taught me techniques that I will use in the future to take better photos. I enjoyed this class because it actually did teach me a lot about the art of photography.
My overall favorite photo. I just like the mood it sets and how detailed and textured it looks.

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