Employee Training & Wellness Series


Breathe Easy: A Guided Lunchtime Yoga Meditation (Course Code: 91W)

November 19

Open to all employees, this thirty-minute meditation exercise will offer

employees an opportunity to learn breathing techniques and meditation

strategies providing both a space for mental rest and relaxation. Please have a

yoga mat accessible for the exercise.

Designing and Delivering Change Management Strategies (Course Code:


November 18

Open to all employees, this session will feature the various stages within the

change management process and how to best perform and communicate

effectively throughout the entire process.

Coaching Sessions for MSS and Lead Employees (12 pm Session: Course

Codes: 525W)

November 18

The Coaching Sessions provide an hour-long engagement opportunity for

managers to receive critical engagement around areas of potential growth while

also supporting peers through the learning and sharing process.

Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training (Course Code: 943W)

November 18

This training aims to educate the individuals designated by their agencies as the

Designated Employee Representative (DER). This course will prepare the


Designated Employee Representative (DER) to understand their role, their

responsibilities, and perform his or her duties properly. All Designated

Employee Representatives (DER) must know the drug and alcohol policy and

serve as a drug and alcohol coordinator in their respective agency.

Agency-Level Admin ELM Training (Course Code: 650W)

November 19

This course will provide an introduction to the Enterprise Learning Management

(ELM) system and the permissions and functions associated with the assigned

role of Agency-Level (ALA) Administrator for your agency.

Giving and Receiving Feedback (Course Code: 520W)

November 19

Open to all employees, this session is designed to discuss the importance of

feedback and the value of communication exchanges between

managers and employees.

Principles of Management for MSS (Course Code: 919W)

November 20

Designed for MSS, this course introduces managers to the fundamental tenets of

leadership and management. Participants will engage in key discussions around

performance management, leading and motivating teams, and building

strategies for organizational efficiency and success.

Performance Management - Open to All Employees (Course Code: 913B)

November 20

This course will provide an overview of performance management best practices

and key content to include the performance management planning process, midyear

and annual reviews, and strategic goal planning for individual development


Leaning In: Strategies for Inspiring and Motivating Teams for MSS (Course

Code: 915W)

November 23

Designed for MSS and Lead Employees, this session focuses on best practice

strategies for building inspiration and increasing motivation/engagement

among teams. A host of creative and functional team building exercises will be

shared as part of the course.

Communicating Non-Defensively (Course Code: 501W)

November 24

Open to all employees, this course will feature fundamental tools critical to

communicating both internally and externally using both non-verbal/verbal

strategies for successful engagement and feedback.

Moving into Management (Course Code: 730W)

November 24

Using the blended environment, this course will feature best practice concepts

around management/leadership thinking and doing. Using action-based

learning concepts, participants will gather fundamental knowledge around

approaches to engaging, empowering, and building teams.

MBTI Understanding Your Personality Type (Course Code: 403W)

November 25

This course will provide a fundamental understanding of the various preferences

displayed through the Myers-Briggs Type Personality Instrument. Come and

learn more about the various personality types and various tools that provide an

introduction to the assessment.

Coping with COVID-19 and Beyond (Kaiser)

November 18 | 1pm

Become informed and get resources for dealing with COVID-19 by learning tips to help you cope with uncertainty, address the stress response to life changes, gain control where you can, and build resilience.

Registration required: https://kponline.webex.com/kponline/k2/j.php?MTID=t77ad6e75e2c1e9eaaf8296ec26bb7b08

The Balancing Act: Work, Life and Technology (CareFirst)

November 19 | 1pm | 1hr

Identifies simple time management strategies and mindfulness techniques.

Meeting Link: https://trustmarkbenefits.webex.com/trustmarkbenefits/onstage/g.php?MTID=eb6229c1cf8eb4ca12b73b152fac0de52

Dial In: 415-655-0001

Access Code: 172 369 6996

Managing Employees in a Heightened Emotional State (United)

November 19 | 10 am | 1 hr

"This program will help managers recognize how to define their employees’ emotional state. Focusing on managers’ self-care as an exemplary role model will be discussed. Identifying employees that need extra assistance and practicing communication/referral skills. This program will encourage leaders to be compassionate and have teams that can thrive during these times.

Participants will:

• Recognize the concerns and challenges everyone faces with the pandemic

• Learn to focus on themselves first in order to lead through crisis and adjust to “The New Normal”

• Recognize struggling employees and how to help them

• Explore how to face leadership challenges and lead successfully through COVID-19"

Meeting Link: https://bli-meetings.webex.com/bli-meetings/onstage/g.php?MTID=ef5ea49f58802388880479e6b068ca345

WebEx Password: training

Phone Number:

US Toll Free


US Toll


Access code: 132 468 2340

Thanksgiving Tips, Tricks & Delicious Recipes:

Maple Syrup Sweet Potato Puree

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts Salad And more!


November 20 | 1pm | 1 hour

Emmy-nominated Chef Nathan Lyon is known for his simple, innovative cuisine featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. Come join Chef Nate as he shows us how to prepare a fresh and healthy meal and teach us the benefits of the foods we choose. If you have any questions on the tools and techniques to preparing and cooking, please have those ready as he will answer them as he goes through his cooking session.

Meeting Link: https://sarahforman.my.webex.com/sarahforman.my/j.php?MTID=m178af69404cfe428b4ab6e159531eb64

Mtg #: 142 603 7144

Password: food

Pound 4 Pound (United)

November 23 | 12pm | 1hr

Boxing interval strength and conditioning class that blends muscle-strengthening exercises, with fat burning exercises. This is a complete 45-minute workout, consisting of Boxing, Jumping Jacks, Body Weight Training,

and Cool Down.

Meeting Link: https://believeandachievewellness.my.webex.com/believeandachievewellness.my/j.php?MTID=m2558d045cd75af9ff52e86af4b654035

Meeting number: 126 822 3612

Password: dchr (3247 from phones and video systems)

Make Your Money Work For You: A Debt Management Plan (Inova)

November 23 | 1pm | 1 hr

Learn tips to decrease your debt, improve your credit score, establish or reestablish credit,and better manage your money. Understand how to improve your FICO score, Identify money management tips, Discuss strategies for deleting your debt.

Meeting Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1239973548407481867

Finding Happiness in a Busy World (CareFirst)

November 24 | 12pm | 1 hr

Investigates the meaning of happiness and well-being and identifies ways participants can build happiness on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Meeting Link: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1490413421

PLEASE NOTE: Employees will not receive credits for attending District wellness activities.