Hedgehogs by lola

Hedgehogs are an endangred species and they live up to 2-5 years their scientific name is Erinaceidae and they mostly eat creepy crawlies. Their diet is worms, beetles, slugs, catterpilars, earwigs and millipedes. A hedgehog is an endangered species because the fox and the ticks keep killing them!

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and if there in the wild they spend most of their time either sleeping or eating. They usually sleep underneath bushes or trees. They are covered in spikes so if an animal [fox] doesn't attack them. If it tries to then the hedgehog will stick his/her spikes up. Hedgehogs don't have a good home so they ususally die

Although Hedgehogs look really cute they can be dangerous, they have sharp spikes that can stick in to you.[Technically it rolls into a ball and sticks its spikes up.]

We raise money for them because there dyeing out because the ticks keep sucking their BLOOD!!!!!!!!

Hedgehogs are a really cute animals that is why I chose to do my presentation on them and I hoed you enjoyed it and thanks for listening


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