#OwnyourCAREER by Malen Mohr

Who do i want to work for?

I either want to work for a diving company who stations out on an oil-rig in the middle of the ocean or train through the navy or become a Navy diver, engaging myself deeper into the career path.

What - is the company I work for? is my job title? job description? salary? requirements to get this job? is my degree/background to make this job a reality?

The company I am wanting to work for if I take my first route will be to go and work for Bisso Marine. With the Bisso marine the only degree I need is to have Two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree One-year Industrial Welding Technology Certificate Career Pathway Certificate, and Career Pathways certificate: Welder's Helper. In the Navy they’ll provide schooling in the degrees. If I go with the navy route, then I’ll work for the navy hopefully as a Navy Diver. In the Navy my job title would be a Navy Diver, with Bisso Marine I would work in various environment’s from deep depth to shallow, heavy lifting as a diver. The salary of a Navy Diver it varies how long you’ve been in the service. Going in as a fresh recruit my pay would probably be $1570 a month.

As a commercial diver the salary is approximately $54,750. To become a diver, you need a High school Diploma or GED, Ability to swim, Mechanical aptitude, Commercial Diving Certification, AWS Certified Welding Training. With the navy you need to pass the asvab, have a GED or high school diploma, complete boot camp.

Where - am I working? did I learn the necessary skills?

The environments I would be working in would be an aquatic environment and potential hostile area’s when you’re a Navy Diver. The necessary skills for the job would be taught by the program a trade school “I” go to or in the service with the Navy.

When - does the company hire? did I gather the necessary skills to get this job?

The navy hire’s right out of high school or between the ages 30 or younger. At Bisso marine they require you to be of 18 years or older with a high school diploma, certificate of graduation from a trade school in the desired trade. Depending if your application is in the “wow” image they may or may not hire depending what is on the application. The application requires any previous work experience and the amount of years you attended high school and the trade school you attended.

Why - does this career interest me? am I the obvious choice?

The reason these two career choices interest me is because I have the passion for welding and the attitude to always think positive when it comes to work. For an example, I work at taco bell and I always come in happy and I get lots of co-workers asking me why I’m so happy when I come in and I just reply with “Because I like working and socializing with everyone.

In all means necessary I don’t hate my job but it can get boring at time because I’m doing the same thing over and over. Getting back to under water welding, I also like swimming and I’m really good at so why not try combining to activities that I like doing? Swimming and welding at the same time seems really fun and I probably will not get bored of it.

How - does one get a job in this industry (process)?

Getting this job in the industry takes determination and the will for not quitting because you aren’t going to start at the top, you’re going to start at the bottom even if its dry land welding because they aren’t going to throw you in and make you repair a damaged hull of a naval warship.

They’re going to make sure you can do it when they think your capable of doing so. Same goes with Bisso Marine, you’re going to go through some kind of procedure and tutorial before they send you out on the oil rigs for weeks at a time. Putting in effort gets you the job in this world especially the Navy, because they aren’t going to want the one who is the worst in the class but the one who is the best in the class.

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