Eight cars we’re excited for in 2017!

8: Ford Focus RS500

2016 saw the launch of the brand new Ford Focus RS and it was hailed widely as an immediate hit. Of course, this was to be expected, as it’s rare a fast Ford fails to deliver. If rumours and spy shots are to be believed though, this year will see the upgraded RS500 released into the wild. We reckon it’ll be amazing (if Ford want to lend us one so we can find out for sure, we won’t say no!)

7: Bugatti Chiron

It seemed like the Veyron would never quite die. After its release in standard 16.4 form, the world’s fastest car became seemingly immortal. With a production run of 9 years and countless special editions (we tried, got lost at around 50), a replacement always felt possible but never quite probable. That changed in 2016 when Bugatti finally announced the Chiron. Underneath, it’s still very similar to the Veyron, packing that same W16 and AWD system, as well as a full carbon fibre body, but the engine has seen massive revisions, now packing 1479hp and 1180lb-ft torque. The Veyron legacy will be a hard act to follow, but we can’t wait to see how the Chiron’s time plays out…

6: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

To say the original Panamera was difficult to like was an understatement. An ugly luxo-barge never felt very Porsche and it seemed hated from the moment it was announced. It turned out to be a pretty good car but in the eyes of most, it was just too ugly to love. However, Porsche seem to have fixed that in the form of the stunning Panamera Sport Turismo, we can’t wait to see one on the roads!

5: KIA Stinger GT

A Kia sports GT is something we wouldn’t have dreamed of just a few years ago, but here it is! Initially shown in the form of a two door sports car, the Stinger GT evolved into something designed to take on some of the more powerful versions of the German saloons (we’re holding our breath for an M/AMG killer, though) Coolest car name of the year? For us, yes.

4: Honda Civic Type R

It seems like only yesterday the FK2 Civic Type R came into this world, but the final models have just been announced and it’s a very early farewell. Fortunately though, Honda announced a new Civic Type R, slated for release later this year, before ending FK2 production. That’s the concept above, hopefully it retains those aggressive looks!

3: Alpine

It seems like an eternity of waiting for the long-discussed Alpine sports car to finally release, but 2017 looks finally set to deliver! Last year brought us the Alpine Vision Concept, a tease for what an Alpine sports car would look like. If some of the spy shots on the internet are to go by, not much seems to have changed for the production version.

2: Toyota Supra

Another car we’ve been waiting for with baited breath for a long time. We’ve heard on-off rumours for years about a new Toyota Supra, with Toyota most recently teasing us in 2014 with the FT-1 concept. There’s strong rumours and spy shots of test mules running around of a production version now though, with suggestions the project is a joint development between Toyota and BMW (next Z car?) We’re hoping to see the real thing this year.

1: McLaren Super Series

Yes, this is just a carbon tub. However, that carbon tub is the heart of the McLaren 650s replacement. Dubbed the P14, images of the real car leaked into the wild late last year. Reportedly, the P14 will use the same 3.8 V8 as seen in pretty much all McLaren cars for years now, but there’ll be a lot of new technologies added to compete with the Ferrari 488 GTB.
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