Reflective Journal, Week 2 Thomas Cheshire

This is the first day of the second week and me and Shawn has already recorded our conversation talking about what we did last week, what were doing this week, what went wrong and what went well. The plan for this week is to create our presentation for the presentation that me and Shawn are meant to be giving this Thursday and Friday, I'll need to make

On Tuesday me and Shawn started the presentation's main points, such as the meaning behind it. We have almost finished the presentation and we are happy with what we've done.

On Wednesday me and Shawn made finishing touches to the presentation and had finally finished the presentation, and we both agree that it needs more work but it should do well for now.

On Thursday we had shown our presentation to the class and we both are pretty happy with the feedback we have been given. the feedback was to use less words, add more detail about why we have made the prototype.

On Friday we have presented our presentation to David, Adam and the class whilst being recorded, We thought it was going to go well but no, instead we got roasted and lectured and our confidence had greatly gone down. Though we do feel like we know what to do now, so it's a fair trade.

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