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Feast of Life

Photographer: Tom Mc Nemar - Feast of Life - Source:

I really like this still life image by American Photographer Tom Mc Nemar because of the rich, vibrant colours used. The subjects fill the frame. I like the type of lighting used to make the fruits look luscious and good enough to eat. It looks like it has been lit from the top with a snoot and brings out various different tones and contrasts of the image and the fruit. A tripod would be used for this still life. It has been shot in Landscape view. The photographer has used a narrow depth of field to create an overall sharp image. I like the red surface and feel it enhances the image and blends with the other rich colours.

Pepper No.30

Photographer: Edward Weston - Pepper NO.30 - Source:

This image I picked was of historical photographer Edward Weston’s series of peppers. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to this image but it has a human type of element for me and reminds me of someone’s back and intertwined bodies at first glance. I like the shapes and composition of the image as it fills the frame. A tripod would be used for this image and it has been captured in Portrait view. The pepper has been sat in a metal funnel implement which gives the appearance of a curving surface and background but also added reflections to some of the curves of the object. Weston used large diffused lighting for many of his images. The larger and closer lighting to the subject the better tonality he created in his work. I like the way the light hits certain parts of the pepper and creates shadows in other areas. This image was shot with an Ansco large format camera

Flowers for Lisa

Photographer: Abelardo Morrell – Flowers for Lisa #2 - Source:

This image is a series of multiple exposures (about 20) blended in Photoshop to create this blurred, explosive style. I think a narrow depth of field has been used as the subject and background are in focus. A tripod would be used for this image. The images have been taken in Portrait view. I really like the way the photographer has created this image combining the feeling of the flowers from vibrant, colourful living things to seeing them in stages of decay and dying dropping to the surface. It reminds me of a water painting and I really like this genre of painting. I like the composition and subjects fill the frame. I think this was possibly lit with a large softbox lighting setup close to the subject with front lighting creating a soft light. He used a large format camera for a lot of his work until the last 6/7 years where he started to use a digital camera to cut down on the exposure times for some of his images.

Crab and Shrimp

Photographer: Kevin Best - Source:

I chose this contemporary Australian Photographer Kevin Best’s still life image because there is lots of things going on in the image and plenty to look at. The colours are very rich and I like the strong contrast and tones. Firstly, the large crab grabs your attention then I was drawn into the back left of the image with the large metal wine jug and then across the image to the wine glasses then over to the oysters and back to the sampi etc at the front. It’s an image you can look at for quite a length of time and still see new things. It looks like it has been lit with natural lighting from the side and you can see the reflection of the window on the 2 glasses of wine. I like the way the background goes from light to dark as you look across the image and helps to make the smaller objects at the back of the image pop out more. A narrow depth of field has been used as all of the objects are in focus. A tripod would be used for this still life and it has been shot in Landscape view and cropped in at the side or a medium format camera with film.

On the Table

Photographer: Laurens Kaldeway - Source:

I like the composition of this still life image. I'm drawn to the cup of coffee as it's the main subject and sharp in focus. The bokeh effect created with all the other objects being out of focus has been produced with a large aperture and a shallow depth of field. I also think the neutral browns and creams compliment each other and work well. . It evokes a feeling of quiet, lazy days at home for me. Natural soft light has been used to light this image. The picture has been edited and cropped in Lightroom.


Photographer: Laurens Kaldeway - Source:

I chose another image by Laurens Kaldeway as I really admire some of her work. This image is a simple picture but very effective. The image fills the frame. This image was made using a small aquarium with aluminium reflectors. The cherries were pinned onto the handle of a fly swat. A mixture of tap and soda water was used to create the bubbles. Natural light was used for lighting and a tripod. A Nikon D7000 with a 105mm macro prime lens was used to get in close with an aperture of f2.8. Bokeh has been achieved with the bubbles in the background due to the large aperture used.

Storm Troopers

Photographer: Kristina Alexanderson - Source:

I chose this still life image because it's a playful, fun genre of photography. This image evokes an emotion of joy when I look at it, even though I know it's been made with plastic toys. She creates images that make the toys look life-like and manages to create different kinds of emotions from the viewer. The photographer has used a 105mm macro prime lens with an aperture of f8 to create this image. A shallow depth of field is achieved with the background being out of focus because the image has been taken close up with the macro lens.

Fire Bloom

Photographer: Dina Belenko - Source:

I chose this still life image because I like the creative use of the sparklers in the bowl and creates a feeling of fantasy and magic to the image. The picture reminds me of the Christmas festive season which I like. A slower shutter speed of about 1/60, a tripod, speedlight and reflector was used to create this image. Continuous shooting mode is a must for this shoot. The whole sparkler wasn't used only the stuff on the metal that burns is stripped off and used to create the sparks in the glass bowl. From a Health and Safety point of view make sure you use rubber gloves and be careful of the glass bowl cracking as the sparkles can become very hot. Also using a set of goggles to protect your eyes is a good idea. The composition of this image is great and the glass bowl being the main subject. A dark background means that the sparks show up better. A small soft box has been used to the right and a reflector on the left. A shallow depth of field is created with this image.


Photographer: Natalie Panga - Source:

The colours of this still life image are what drew my attention to this. The blue/green background compliments the yellow of the sunflowers. I like the reflections on the shiny wooden table and the colour matches that of the vase. I also like the use of the water on the velvet material as it creates small sparkling droplets on this material and tends to sit on this kind of material rather than absorb into it. I think a softbox with side lighting from the left has been used to light this picture and failing that natural window light. Everything is in focus suggesting a smaller aperture of about f11. The composition is good and the sunflowers being the main subject in the image. The image has been shot in Portrait style.


Photographer: Jonathan Knowles - Source:

I chose this still life image by award winning Still Life Photographer Jonathan Knowles. I like it because, although he has only shot the neck of the bottle, he has captured the sparkling bubbles with the reflection of the name of the product reflecting through the bottle in the image and made it look cool. It is advertising the bottle of beer and supposed to catch your attention and make the viewer want to drink it. It does look very refreshing and good enough to drink... The image fills the frame. It looks like he has used some green gels to light the subject. I think the image has been lit from the side and back lit with a gel to separate it from the background. Jonathan probably also used a reflector at the opposite side to bring out the contours on both sides. A fast exposure with a zoom/prime lens was more likely used with a tripod. I think this image has been shot for advertising purposes.

Get Them Off

Photographer: Heret Frasthio - Source:

I chose this image because I think it is a different approach to advertising. It's an advertisement aimed at dog owners/lovers for Frontline Treatment for fleas. It's advertising out of the box and described as an interactive ad. When you look down at it in the shopping centre from the upper floors it looks like the people walking over the top of the image are dog fleas all over the dog and on the floor. In my opinion it's a very clever advertisement as it's not only telling dog owners what their dog needs it's showing them to remind them in a very large scale. There's not much chance of dog owners being able to ignore this as it grabs the viewers attention whether your a pet lover or not. It makes you sympathise with the dog.

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