PS4 Cell analogy

This is the PlayStation 4 Hard drive which can also be known as Golgi which is the messaging source , it holds your Data and memory and it sends messages to the ps4.
The Black shell is the cell wall which protects the inside of the ps4 from scratching or damaging there are 6 cell walls front back, side side, bottom and top.
The bottom layer is the air vents of the Ps4 which can also be named as the lysosomes which is what cleans the Ps4 and make bad things don't enter wont enter the ps4 it cleans out dust and keep Ps4 cool.
All the way to the right is the wires which can be also explained as the ER which can carry energy over to the ps4 through electricity.
The is dual-shock 4 this is the nucleus of the play-station 4 it controls the movement of the PS-4 you need a PS-4 controller to controller and play a game on a PS-4.
This is PlayStation's Circuit board is provides electric energy for play stations battery also known as the ribosomes which provides energy for the cell.

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