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My dream job is an equine therapist. This job includes a range of treatments that include activities with horses these activities promote physical and emotional growth in people who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, dementia and many other mental illnesses. The average salary ranges from 22,000 to 52,000 a year.
My dream vacation would be Trunk Bay In Saint John. The amenity I would use would defiantly be the sun and beach.
This Is an extreme safety hazard. Not only could the pot fall and injure the little girl but she could also grab/touch the stove and burn herself. Adults always need to supervise children while they are in the kitchen.
During this unit we learned about the food industry, specializing in tourism and management. Funnel cakes are easy quick and delicious food for tourist to eat on the go.
During this unit we studied the history of food and the different cultures. This Ancient Greek bean soup was a great way to study the history and culture.
This onion chopper is a great tool for any kitchen. I found this on amazon and it costs 13 dollars and 16 cents.
This was from the fajita lab we learned about the different cooking methods this was a stir fry.
This delicious cheese bread helped us learn about different herbs and spices along with how to broil.
This was the pavlova lab! We learned how to separate and beat egg whites. This lab was also super yummy!
This was from our Halloween lab :) Just thought id but it in :)
This is one of my better chiffonades
small dice cut with carrots
julienne with carrots cut these for a salad for a family dinner.
During this unit we studied soups and sauces. This was my favorite soup we made throughout the unit.
The delicious cinnamon rolls we made. This was just a free day :)
On valentines day we made strawberry muffins. This applied to the fruits and vegetable units.
This is Sam with her sushi roll for the illusions lab. We studied diversity and stereotyping.
This is one of my favorite fruits, it is a honey crisp apple they are grown around the US but were developed in Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota in 1960.
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