Stinger by: yenitza torres

Do you know what bots are? Well in class we are building bots so we can battle. My partner is really unique and creative person. Her name is Caesy. Our bots name is Stinger. The purpose of this project is to learn how to use commas more and to learn how to work better with a partner. The Stinger is the worst because it doesn't move, it is made of cardboard, and has no wheels.

The stinger is the worst because it doesn't move. It also doesn't have any wheels. Its would have been wrecked if we would have put wheels on. It wouldn't move because I don’t have the mechanics to do that kind of stuff. The stinger is the most awful because it doesn't move.

The Stinger is really bad because it's a cardboard box. It's not very durable. It wouldn't destroy another bot. The reason we chose a cardboard box because we didn't have the mechanics to make an actual car. Our bot is so horrible because it's a box.

It's the worst because it has no wheels. First of all we aren’t mechanics. We don't know how to make wheels. We also don't have the robotics to make wheels. Wheels are important to have but we didn't have a car. Also we aren’t good at mechanics because we are only in middle school. So that's why the Stinger it's the awfulest bot ever!

Do you want to try making your own battle bot? The stinger is really bad as you read in the 2nd paragraph because it doesn't move. The stinger isn’t just bad it's terrible because it's made of cardboard. Its horrible because it has no wheels. You may or may not want to make your own there's many other bots that look better than mine.

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