Digital Media Arts Oscar A. Carlson High School

Course Objectives: To teach the students how to be a great storyteller using the latest Adobe and Apple software. Students will learn how creative ideas are best used in popular media, to produce the desired results. All students will be able to edit, shoot, and light before the end of the course. An understanding of sound on location will also be taught.

Leadership: MIPA Conference, DAFT Summer Workshop & Symposium, Live Streaming Crew Positions, News Positions, Individual Project Positions. MIPA / DAFT Competitions.

This video above was produced by the Carlson Digital Media Arts class and shows a 4 camera shoot, with a floating gimbal camera too!

Award Winning Student Driven Productions

Hey it’s Jacob Chamberlin, this text might seem unexpected but I wanted to tell you thank you for teaching me a large part of what I know today, without you I definitely wouldn’t be doing any of the stuff I currently am! I’ve been taking outdoor lifestyle photography for about 2 years now and have officially started working with 2 social media accounts with over 150,000 followers maintaining the accounts as well as making content , I also have started working with large brands in the outdoor industry to create both post on social media but also for their marketing as well, thank you again I’m very thankful for everything I learned! Jacob Chamberlin / Alumni



Group Based Productions
Having Fun On A Green Screen

When i walked in, i knew this was the class for me. I wanted to film stuff. Always in the back of my head, i wanted to be in front of the camera.

My junior year I finally fit in digital media. I was so excited to make videos of things I envisioned. After I made my first music video, which i thought about all summer. Thats when it hit me, I need to stay.

Everything started to open up more my senior year, every chance I got to be involved, I took it. Ive helped with camera for live streaming the football games and swim meets. I directed the last two basketball games. I’m the face of the school news.

This is probably the most I’ve been involved in school in general. And I’m so thankful I’ve found this class, without it, id probably be lost in a void again. Sophia Senior / Class Of 2021

Short Film Production

Course Requirements: Students must learn professional multimedia software, media terms, and do one real world project each year that they are in the course. Content of their material must be appropriate for High School and they will be granted access to the latest digital equipment for learning purposes.


Students may be eligible to receive free college credit for DC TC courses they successfully complete. The qualifications and number of college credit hours available varies by program and the college with which it is affiliated. This course has articulated credit agreements with the following colleges/universities:

• MPI Motion Picture Institute, Troy, Michigan

• Ferris State University

• Washtenaw Community College

Just over a decade ago, I met one of the most influential persons of my professional and personal lives, and that person was Patrick Morrow. I was fresh out of high school, and eager to learn about videography. Pat took a leap of faith and brought me aboard for an internship at his company, Professional Touch Video. During that internship, Pat not only taught me the ins and outs of the videography industry, but he entrusted me with responsibilities that made me feel like a valuable asset to his company. I went on to become an official employee and freelancer for Pro Touch Video for several years. In 2009, I started my own videography company, and I can undoubtedly say that Pat was a huge inspiration for that ambition. At a minimum, Patrick Morrow is a great teacher, and a great mentor, but beyond that, he is just a great person of the highest moral code. An awesome guy to know and work with. Jason Teets / Media Business Owner

Patrick Morrow / Instructor

Pat has done photography and video work for us in church and other settings, parks and on the street. We are grateful for his creative thought and excellent work. We always get a great response to the work he does for us. His integrity is impeccable. I am happy to recommend his work to you. Dennis Clanton / Downriver Pastor