UX Research Methods Present and Future

This is the present

Interviews (Not using the product during the study)

A researcher meets with participants one-on-one to discuss in depth what the participant thinks about the topic in question.

Understand business requirements and constraints.

Concept Testing (Scripted and natural use of the product)

An approximation of a product that captures the key essence of a new concept in order to determine if it meets the needs of the target audience.

We record what people say and what people do.
There is Matteo Eslava helping us... Thanks Matteo.

Unmoderated UX Studies (Scripted)

A quantitative or qualitative and automated method that uses a specialized research tool to captures participant behaviors and attitudes, usually by giving participants goals or scenarios to accomplish with a site or prototype.

UsabilityHub allow all this awesome things.

But wait! What is the benefit of all this stuff?

Shows the problems, so that we can fix them with our design expertise.

Find ways to save people time and effort.
Every design step has a valid reason and user behaviour data to back it up.

This could be the future

Customer Feedback (Natural use of the product)

Open-ended and/or close-ended information provided by a self-selected sample of users, often through a feedback link, button, form, or email.

Clickstream Analysis (Natural use of the product)

Analyzing the record of screens or pages that users clicks on and sees, as they use the product. Which pages users have viewed and interacted the most, which call-to-action buttons they’ve clicked, and how have they performed the tasks.

  • Minimize the interaction cost: Wasted efforts. Clicking or touching, typing, etc.
  • Visibility of system status.
  • Prioritize products and features.
  • Consistency and standards.
  • Forms Usability.

Field Studies

Field research is conducted in the user’s context and location. Learn the unexpected by leaving the office and observing people in their natural environment.

To sum up:

We want to implement Hotjar on all viable products.

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