Potential Expanding Liberty University

Gardens and Research are important to places of tranquility, preservation of knowledge, and teaching that knowledge to students, just as they have been through most of the Western tradition of learning inherited from the Abbey system in the Middle Ages.

The beauty of Nature is relieving and therapeutic, and calms the mind, relieving the burden of stress in life.

Raised in captivity, plants can be held in facilities where students can be helped by and enjoy their beauty at all times of the year.

Virtually the only limit to what plants can be grown is the availability of the buildings to house them.

As in University of California at Berkeley, such a garden can grow and be nurtured; and in turn, nurture the people at Liberty, developing Liberty from a growing University to a greater place of learning.
What is left for you, the Liberty administration, is not to decide whether a botanical garden is a worthwhile investment, but how to design the budget to build it.


Created with images by UnitedSoybeanBoard - "Soybean Research Greenhouse" • Dave Catchpole - "Hidcote Manor Garden (NT)" • mypubliclands - "BLM Idaho Partners with Shoshone-Paiute Tribe to Grow Native Plants for Sage-Steppe Restoration" • UnitedSoybeanBoard - "Soybean Research in a Lab" • Hans - "abbaye de sénanque monastery abbey" • reenablack - "sniffing flowers sniffing roses young" • KHueg - "untitled image" • jonkriz - "Tropical Greenhouse" • LISgirl - "Conversation in the garden" • MDGovpics - "Governor Unveils Operating and Capital Budget"

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