Artemis GodDeSs of hunting

By: maggie witczak

Artemis the huntress goddess

The birth of Artemis

Artemis has a twin brother named apollo they were children of Leto and great god zeus when Hera learned that Leto was pregnant with zeuses twins she forbade Leto to give birth anywhere on land, or anywhere the sun shone. Zeus's brother took pity on Leto. He reveled a small part of Delos which an island that had previously been underwater. Delos is an island that is sacred to the ancient Greeks, who built statues there to honor gods, it is in the Aegean Sea near the island of Mykonos. There Leto gave birth to Artemis who then helped deliver her own brother Apollo.

Artemis wasn't only the goddess of hunting but she was also the goddess of wild animals , wilderness, childbirth , and virginity.

When Artemis was a little girl, among the favors she asked her father Zeus, was that she be allowed to remain a chaste maiden forever. Zeus granted her request, promising his daughter she'd never have to marry.

Artemis was a virgin and drew the attention of many gods and men. However it was only her hunting companion, Orion,who won her heart. However he was killed by a goddess or scorpion which was sent by gaea.

Artemis is usually armed with a bow and arrow which contains the power of plagues and death or to heal. The romans usually called her Diana which was her roman name. Artemis contains both masculine and feminine energy which completes a whole so her true relationship is which herself. Artemis has the gift of focusing , to have a connection with other woman, perfect aim with a bow and arrow, cleverness, able to turn people and herself into animals, heal ,and look any age she wants.

Artemis was a strong and powerful woman who showed woman that you do not need a man.

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