Acid Disater By Seth G.W.

It was Zuplodiact 90th, 4517. It has been 300 months since the alien outbreak. Our government has created some way to control the zombies. Now we live normal human lives as a zombie. But today you will see the through the eyes of a teenage zombie.

"Bailey! Your brains are getting cold!" His mother shouted. I am 67 year ossld teenage zombie who goes to Wilmette Junior High School like any other 67 year old teenager. I live with my mom Alexis, and my zombie dad Carl.

“Hi mom” I said. “Good morning song” His dad says welcomingly. “How was band tryouts yesterday?” His dad asks.

“I dunno mom, Ms. Barcthski said she would post the results tonight. I’m really near ours though. What if I don’t make it?” Bailey asked.

“Bailey that's nonsense” My mom said. “I'm sure you will make. You're the master of the drums aren't you?” My mom said.

“You’re right I am the master of the drums” I replied. “I'm gonna be the best drummer out there!” I shout with excitement. With that energy I rushed through the door leaving his breakfast unfinished.

“He always forgets to finish his breakfast” my mom sighs. Bailey was so excited to get to school that he got on his hover board and sped away to school.

“Will I really get into band” I thought to myself. “I just really hope I can get in. But in order to know I have to find out.”

While on the hover board i got a two alerts on his kinetic watch. One of them said that the left booster had a retrovirus in it and that today was going to rain acid with a 50% chance of a tornado. I was a really tech savvy guy who loved inventing new technology. I used my lazer recon, terminated the virus, and activated the force field generator.

By the time I got to school it was 34:95 A.M. Just before the first bell rang. I deactivated his force field and ran into the school. I directed my towards the techno drive in room 600.

Today I was learning how to create a hoverdrive a very advanced piece of technology. Just in the middle of the lesson a voice comes on the intercom.

“All students please report to the auditorium” the mysterious mystery voice on the intercom said.

Everyone went down to the auditorium. The voice on the intercom spoke again.

“Attention all students if you didn't get the message today is an acid rain day so there will be indoor recess. Everyone must go to the gym” the announcement ended. Everyone started to moan. It seem like the mood of everyone took a big old step towards anger. The moaning was cut of by a danger alert.

“Danger Danger force field generators are malfunctioning! Please seek shelter towards the bunkers!” The intercom shouted.

Within mere seconds everyone panicked trying to find the bunkers. Everyone passed it except for me. Instead of turning left I turned right.

I rushed to the emergency bunker and closes the door behind me. I checked to see if there were any supplies but there were any supplies other than a toolbox and an anime magazine. As I sit in the bunker waiting for the other students to arrive I start to remember this wasn't the first time this happened.


When I was in fourth grade the acid siren went off and everyone had to go to their assigned bunker. Unfortunately the bunker was reaching maximum capacity and because I was a zombie i got kicked out. I survived but the doctors had to reattach his arm.


When I heard knocking on the bunker door. I looked through the looking glass and saw his friend Ronan. I let him in the bunker and they made it their man cave. There was some more knocking and it was Henry, Yaman, and Oliver more of my friends. It became the best brocave that ever existed and no one else was allowed.

While making a bro cave the earth suddenly shook as it felt like something had ripped the bunker from the earth. But when they looked into the looking glass it turned out that they were in an acid Tornado. Everyone inside was being tossed around like a dodgeball in gym class.

"We're screwed!" Henry shouts.

"It can't end like this can it?" Ronan asks.

"We'll find out what happens soon." Bailey Says.

It felt like hours being stuck in the tornado but suddenly lightning struck the bunker and everyone froze in midair. They looked around.

"What the heck was that?" Oliver asks. Nobody answers except the storm trying to get inside the bunker. Lightning continues to strike the bunker loosening the hinges to the door.Bailey wouldn't stand for this he reached for the toolbox and grabbed the wrench.

"Ronan I need you to give me a Philips screwdriver." Bailey asked.

"Got your Philips right here." Ronan said as he flies through the air. Bailey grabs the Phillips and reattaches the screws to the door. They were fine after that.

Three hours later the storm started to quiet down releasing Bailey and his friends from tornado 5000ft in the sky luckily the bunker landed in the beach so they were fine. But it was a long way back to the school or at least what was left of the school.

"We landed?" Bailey asks.

"Let's open up and see" Henry says.

As they open the hatch door they see a beautiful beach in front of them.

"Hey it's the beach" Yaman says.

"Guys! We gotta get back to school!" Oliver shouts.

"But why though it's a beach?" Ronan asks.

"It's because if we stay here we will have no way to get home!" Bailey exclaims.

"What do you think is left of school though?" Yaman asks.

"I guess we'll find out and see," Bailey says.

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