The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Kayleigh ratashak

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the Reitz Union and approached the Constance Theater, I admired the simplicity of the entrance. I liked that the theater was walking distance from my dorm and that it was in a very convenient location. The inside of the theater was a lot larger than I thought it was going to be, and the set was well done. My friend and I sat in the very center of the middle section of seats, so we really got a good view of everything on stage. There was a decent sized audience, and everyone seemed somewhat engaged when the actors made a joke or made a snide remark. I think the fact that the set was well done and that we were sitting center stage helped us take in the entire experience.

The Social Experience

My sorority sister and I attended the play together. I was originally planning on going alone, but she told me that she also bought a ticket for the same time, so it worked out nicely that we could go together! I think going with a friend made the experience more enjoyable. We were able to talk about the performance afterwards and compare our feelings towards it. I think having shared experiences with people you are close to can help make the experience more interesting and also provide a different perspective of the same experience. I was surprised to see other people I knew at the theater as well.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I did not know what the play was really about before I attended it. Although the first act made it kind of hard to pin down what the plot was, It was established that it took place during the industrial revolution and before many of the modern worker's rights had been in place. The Divine in captured the stark differences between the wealthy and the poor. It reveals the mistreatment of th working class, women, and even those of color. Although these are issues that we as a society have struggled with in the past, these issues portrayed in The Divine are still very relevant today.

The Emotional Experience

I believe that The Divine does give us a chance for katharsis because the issues of poverty, discrimination, and religious issues are all still very relevant in society today. These themes being brought up in the play give the audience the chance to compare and reflect on how these past issues are still very prevalent today. Although the modern world is, in many ways, different than the time period that The Divine takes place in, the solutions to these key issues are still the same. The audience is given all the tools to have dialogue about how to solve these issues.

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