Volunteer Opportunities How to guide and options on fort bragg

First and foremost, thank you for your selflessness and desire to contribute back to our great Airborne Community. We hope that you'd join us in our vibrant Family Readiness Group volunteer program as a FRG Leader, Key Caller, Care Team member, or Treasurer prior to exploring options within the Fort Bragg Community. What better way to make an impact in society and at home, than working with a community of spouses under the same roof. Don't forget to register for a Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) account to keep track of hours, training, and awards.

Volunteering at the Panther Brigade

  1. Register for a Volunteer Management Information System Account.
  2. Contact your unit's FRG Leader or Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) to inquire upon unit's critical volunteer opportunities.
  3. Read the duty description of each volunteer opportunity.
  4. Login to VMIS and apply for volunteer position.
  5. Contact your unit's FRL for application confirmation.
  6. Attend Family Readiness Group training to become certified for volunteer position.

Key Volunteer Opportunities: FRG Leader, Treasurer, Key Caller, and Care Team

Additional Opportunities: Newsletter Editor, FRG secretary, Special Events Coordinator, and Family Sponsorship Coordinator.

FRG training provided by FRG Center located on 236 interceptor road Fort Bragg, NC.

FRG Leader

Do you have a desire to lead, inspire, and guide others in building a strong community? Maybe you'd like some experience to hone your management skills. The FRG leader is one of the most challenging and fulfilling volunteer positions to hold. Unfortunately, each Company only has one FRG leader, but most offer an opportunity to be a Co-Leader and share the experience. Please select the links below for a description of duties and a "getting started" checklist.

Informal Fund Treasurer

Within every Family Readiness Group there is an informal fund used to purchase gifts, awards, refreshments during meetings, newsletters, pay for FRG social gatherings, and other non-mission activities. Funds are raised through FRG fundraiser events as a great way to bond with your community and garner their support. As a treasurer your primary duty would be to ensure all fundraising income and expenditures are accounted. You are the first line of defense to ensure a FRG has the proper resources allocated to the right projects. Please click below for the job description of an informal fund treasurer.

FRG Key Caller/Contact

Staying connected equals staying informed. When a crisis such as natural disaster strikes, we want the ability to inform you of resources available to ensure your family's safety. As a key caller, your duty would be the lifeline for a spouse seeking help. Whether it is finding the PX, or the closest storm shelter, the key caller will be the point of contact a family member can count on. Additionally, key callers play an important role in disseminating information so that all families may stay informed, self-sufficient, and proactive. Please click below to see the duties of a key caller.

Care Team Member

Disaster strikes when we least expect it. We need empathetic, caring volunteers like you to assist families during the loss of their Service Member. Your contributions will assist the family to properly grieve without the heavy burdens of daily life. Being a Care Team Member is the most challenging and rewarding volunteer position in a FRG. Your role will be critical to ensure our unit is ready to deploy. Our Paratroopers' will be comforted knowing their family will have you and the support of their community.


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