Southern Colonies Serena M.

Escape from those horrible cold winter days and come to the south where you will be warm all year around.

Reason For Founding

The reasons for the founding of the southern colonies was that the Catholics wanted a safe place to live, they wanted to make money, and a buffer zone.


The southern colonies have very good climate there is hot and rainy summer days which is good for plants and crops. In the winter the days are not to cold and it also cant snow here so you can still grow things and they wont die. So you can say it's basically hot all year round here in the south. We have forests and very good soil so it is easy to grow things.


You can make money in the very fast here in the south. The economy here in the south is great because there is Indigo, cotton, tobacco, rice,and iron. We also do shipping and slave trading.


Jamestown was founded in 1607 on the coast of Virginia. You can get rich here by growing tobacco and finding gold. This was the first successful English settlement.


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