Definitely the right product

By far the most important reason to hire a professional, is obvious. The ERP selection is right! There are no nasty surprises, because the ERP system does exactly what it should do after implementation.

It is important to decide on the assistance of an ERP selection consultant, that you consult an independent consultant, so that not a priori an ERP product is preferred or other providers are left out. The ultimate choice that the buying company makes should be based on the comprehensive capture of desires and requirements by the ERP selection consultant. Not every business consultant is experienced in managing software selection projects. Convince yourself of his competence; ask for references and which ERP selection process he already took care of.

Fast selection process

Sometimes people who are looking for an ERP software for their company ask us if they should engage an ERP selection consultant for the entire duration of the project or if there is also a partial support. The latter is possible. For example, you may choose to consult a selection consultant only when drafting specifications or demos are present. Even a partial care can be very useful. However, most companies prefer full service because it also benefits the efficiency of the entire project.

Considerations taking into account the specifications

The added value of a consultant is particularly evident in the aspect of weighting: where can compromises be made, and where should no concessions be made when selecting an ERP system; a weighting of "nice to haves" and alternative constructions to the "must haves" can be shown to you by the ERP selection consultant. The adviser keeps the red thread in mind.

Staff can devote themselves to their own activities

Those who call in an ERP selection consultant relieve their staff. The IT department or the purchasing department, or even the production manager or whoever has been entrusted with an ERP project in a company, usually lose a lot of time when they need to look after an ERP project. The "normal" work suffers underneath and the incorporation into the matter "ERP" is very time consuming. The ERP software market is large, the specializations and branch orientations are confusing and the vendors are constantly innovating. For "non-insiders" it is a real challenge to get an overview of the current market: [on our own behalf: we would like to point out our free service here: request an ERP information package tailored to your companythen read relevant literature in any case]. In any case, you can request the information package whether to use an ERP selection consultant or not.

A way out in complex situations

Some companies have a complex situation. For example, if several disparate activities (services and / or large commercial and / or production ) to be covered by an ERP or even if a large number of stand-alone solutions are available historically grown and the needs are not unique. If the subsidiaries of a group use other software and are required to use a uniform ERP system in the parent company, an ERP selection consultant can shed some light on it.If you are planning to do your ERP in Odoo an Odoo partners can help you out.

Show alternatives

An ERP selection consultant can also show alternatives; For example, it can develop options to suit the respective company priorities. If an ERP solution in a module should not adequately cover the demand, you can create a more satisfying solution by installing separate software (eg PPS or MES ).

No wrong decision

In our practice we have already heard of some wrong decision cases. Cases where a company had purchased ERP software and found out after implementation that the software was inappropriate. A very stark example was a technical wholesaler that imported screws for the aerospace industry and whose new ERP did not have batch traceability, an absolute "MUST HAVE" in the aviation industry. So after acquiring the "wrong software", this company has to buy a new "right" ERP solution very quickly. We urgently advised you to consult an independent ERP selection consultant.

Outsourcing means time-u. Cost savings

Although a professional ERP selection consultant performs against a consultant's fee, you should offset those expenses. How much time (and money) would it cost if one's own staff would delve into the subject? How high could the damage be if you opt for a "wrong" ERP software? Do not forget that an ERP selection consultant can usually negotiate a better price for you from the vendor based on his experience.

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