Florida Museum of Natural History by crue Savage

An exhibit I found interesting was about the fishing culture in Florida. I found it appealing mostly because I like fishing and the coastal habitat areas. The exhibit caught my attention mostly due to the topic but I also get the most information from reading text so the paragraphs describing the history were very informative to me. I don't think I learned any thing that I couldn't have learned through a different medium. The experience was semi enjoyable mainly due the requirement of going and I personally don't connect with nature by going to a museum. My way of connecting is going backpacking in the woods for a weekend or longer by myself, I see the museum as a fake way for city folk to say they're nature lovers.

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For me, I did not experience nature the way Leopold did because I feel a museum is more for information rather than experience. As I was walking through the museum I was looking at the exhibits, examining the information. People seemed to enjoy the exhibits, people that I assume were from out of town were talking to each other about a species of trees that brought back memories from when they were kids. The museum did not instill the feeling in me because I already appreciate nature for what it is.

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The museum helps people connect with nature by showing small examples of the ecosystem so they can see the beauty of it. It brings us back to a more basic root with no politics or social media to muddy the water. Nature is pure and by experiencing it, you cleanse yourself.

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