The Morning of the Mushroom bombing of hiroshima

It took 49 hours for 90% of the radiation to be gone and now the radiation is like any other city now even after the bomb in 1945.The bomb had almost 141 pounds of U-235 where as Fat Man the bomb of Nagasaki only had 14 pounds Pu-239.

The bombing of Hiroshima took place on August 6th,1945 8:16 Am in HIroshima,Japan.Hiroshima is still very shook by this even and they are very grateful that they still have a city.

Hiroshima today
After Hiroshima was bombed, I saw a photograph of the side of a house with the shadows of the people who had lived there burned into the wall from the intensity of the bomb. The people were gone, but their shadows remained.

U-235 is made up of 0.72% natural uranium.Uranium is found almost all over the world and uranium can be very dangerous and can split due to yield energy.Yield energy is the combination of gases to energy.

This is where the nickname the mushroom cloud came from


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