Using The Engineering Design Process Daniel Cannon

Problem Statement

In Garnet Valley, there are many people with learning disabilities that can cause lack of focus; due to the lack of focus there is an intense urge to fidget. Some of these disabilities can include ADHD, Autism, and ADD. These disabilities constantly predominantly affect a student during school, during sports, during directions and information given by a teacher and a coach, or even during leisure activities such as video games or watching TV.

Studies show that many of these disabilities can have self-soothing options with lower amounts of medication, instead of just medication. Using just medication can be harmful to the water due to the high amounts prescribed; trace amounts of certain medication can found in water-purifying plants. Utilizing the technology available, one self soothing treatment that can be created is a fidget spinner. Using a fidget spinner can provide relaxation, allowing for focus by dimming the urge to fidget; a fidget device can lower a student's urge to fidget and increase the amount of enjoyment in school and education.

Brainstorming a Design

We settled on a three spoke design for the spinner

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