Stock Market Project by: Philippine H.

  • Initial Research: Before to start that stock project there are a few things o know about stock markets. For example; the difference between a share and a stoke, it is that a share is a part of an company that can be buy, and a stocks a stock is a part of the company earned money. The Dividend is paying the investors by giving them more share. Three major world market are New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange Group. The supply is what can be sell and the demand is what the “clients” want. When the demand increase the supply decrease and when the demand decrease the supply increase. And it is affecting the stock market because when the supply increase the price decrease. Those are pretty much of the basic information for stock market.
  • During that project I wasn’t very successful with trading and buying stocks. But I some stock better than others, for example Tesla motor was the most successful of my stock. And my worse stock was endeavor mining, but I couldn’t sell it because of problem with the web site. I think the reason why my stock when down is because the demand is going down. if I could have done that project again I wouldn’t have invested into endeavor mining because it is going very down and it cannot be sell, but I would have bought Disney, and a company that I found few days ago call general electricity.


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