LANZAROTE uniting art with nature - 9th-14th March 2021

Bailey Chinnery Photography tour of Lanzarote - 9th - 14th March 2021

Lanzarote offers a wide and diverse landscape - Timanfaya National Park being the most well-known. The so-called 'Fire Mountains' sit in a spectacular volcanic landscape that covers a quarter of the island.

A veritable playground for photographers, there are a wealth of colours and textures in the park.


One of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world, La Cueva de los Verdes was used as a place of refuge in the past, a place where the local people could escape from the pirate attacks and the inclement weather. As you enter if feels like another world of commanding shapes and underground secrets.


Of course it would be remiss of us not to mention the other attraction for which Lanzarote is rightly famous. Its beaches. Of course we will be giving the popular tourist beaches a wide berth and will head off in search of areas such as the long and dramatic Playa de Famara or the dark sands of El Golfo, home to the green lagoon

GREEN LAGOON (top & bottom left) and Playa Blanca

C├ęsar Manrique - Lanzarote's most famous artist and architect, evidence of his creative hand can be see all over the island.

His influence is pervasive and we cannot fail to be inspired by his work. The cactus garden he designed sits in a disused quarry and boasts over 1,100 species of otherworldly protrusions

LA GRACIOSA - A tiny island just adrift of the Famara cliffs, La Graciosa is one of the last places in Europe with no asphalted roads. It is a very special location for those who appreciate its nature, silence, beauty and unspolit environment. It is not a mass tourism destination and transport around the island is on foot or bicycle.


Abandoned building sites present abstract shapes of white plaster against a deep blue sky with dark shadows adding extra elements to play with


These are just some of the attractions we would hope to visit. The island is one of such diversity and photographic fascination there is absolutely no danger of running out of ideas. Rather, the challenge will be to incorporate everything we want to see.

From the dramatic black volcanic landscape to the charming little fishing villages dotted around the coast, we can promise that this workshop will offer an enormous variety of subject matter.

Hope you can join us!
Led by Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery