COPPER/CU BY: Tabitha miller/3rd block

The atomic # is 29 and there is 29 protons and electrons and 35 neutrons. The atomic mass # is 63.546.

No it is not a solid or liquid or gas but it is a metal. It was know since ancient times and it is unknown of who found copper.

copper conducts heat well,so it is used in motor vehicle radiator,air conditioners and home heating systems.

the physical properties: of copper differ in its purest form, it is soft and malleable that is easily bendable and workable. coppers unique softness comes from its electrons. chemical properties: the misconception is that copper reacts to the water when really its the oxygen In the water THAT REACTS TO.

the statue of liberty is made from 179,000 pounds of copper. copper is often referred to as" man's eternal metal" it's highly durable long distance and can be used in all applications of life. copper has been used for as long as we can remember. the Egyptians had the ankh symbol to represent copper and pyramids in Egypt used copper for water plumbing. although the dead sea scrolls have been known to be made with rare animals skins, one that was recovered contains copper. copper earthing system could save the lives of people who are struck by lighting, as well as save the homes and structures that are damaged from lighting strikes.

this is the ankh symbol in Egypt that represented copper in Egypt.


Created with images by UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences - "Native copper" • Fæ - "Quadruple Eye of Horus Amulet with an Ankh Symbol Inscribed on the Back Side LACMA"

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