George Custer Shawn, dakota

who? George Custer was an american Calvary commander. Born December 5th 1839, New Rumley, OH.

what? he led 210 men to their death at the battle of bighorn. During the civil war he commanded several different cavalry divisions and distinguished himself with his bravery in some of its most important battles.

where? New Rumley is an unincorporated community in central Rumley Township, Harrison Country, Ohio, United States. It is famous for being the birthplace of George Armstrong Custer.

why? George Armstrong Custer has been better known for his exploits after the Civil War than those during. However, his career in the Union army was a success due in large part to his dual characteristics of bravery and audacity.

when? December 5, 1839-June 25, 1876.

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