Woodcutting project By: Lena

I used a fancy font to write my mom’s name and the trace all of the thin parts of the font so that it will come out of the woodcutter cleanly. Then I found a flower string from online and traced it connecting it the letters and made the lines a little thicker han the original design so that they will cut out properly. The first time I tried to cut it out it still was not thick enough so I edited it to make it even thicker and I hope when I do finally have a chance to cut it out again it will work better.

My mom loves landscaping and gardening so I added a flower vine to represent that part of her. I also tried to make the font I used match what her signature looks like. I tried to incorporate little parts of her into my design as much as I could.

I have the dimensions so that the Michelle and the flower vines are not only going to be cut out but outlined instead of filled in. This really helps the words and the flower vine pop out. You are immediately drawn to look at the design. It also makes it a little more fancy and eccentric.

First you save your photo from photo shop and then put it into adobe illustrator. I clicked image trace and made sure to select ignore white. I got rid of the actual letters and design and only left it as an outline and made the resolution .001, then saved it as an adobe PDF.

Then I went to the website In the website it takes a picture of your laser cutter so you see what wood space is left on the piece of wood. After that you. Then I dragged my image in and placed it so it would take the least amount of space possible. I went to the vector properties and adjusted the settings so that they were speed: 30 power: 100 current: 100 and passes 1. I printed.

While it prints a piece passes over the wood once because I only set it for one pass. When it is over I have to pop out the prices of wood that I do not want so it is only the letters and the vine and their is no filled up parts.

As you can see my wood broke when I tried to pop it out. I had to go back into photoshop and choose a thicker font and out line everything a little more. Upon reflection I should have managed my time better so that before the woodcutter was broken I could of printed a second time.

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