Bloody War By: Maritza Lopez

It was the ending of July,and it was a hot, sweltering day. There was a green country and a beige country who seem not to get along with each other. The beige country always looked for a way to start war with the green country. This time it was for land.

The green country had agreed with the beige county, to start war, just to show off that they could take over their country. Each country had brought their own soldiers if they wanted war. War had started. There was a loud sound coming from the beige soldiers. A sound that sounded as if the beige country were ready to take over the green soldiers. When the beige soldiers had started to attack the green country was already ready to win their land. One by one the beige country soldiers fell.

Suddenly, there was a big sound crash. It was an airplane in which had crashed into the beige soldiers. Several minutes has gone by and no one from the beige soldiers had stood up. Which to the green soldiers it might have been a good thing that they were probably all dead.

There was silent that seemed kind of odd to the green soldiers. The green soldiers had to make sure none of them were alive. So, they searched each and one of the beige soldiers with a spear.

At last, war was finally over. The green soldiers had won leaving all the beige soldiers dead. The green soldiers had won the land. That meant that the green country had won over the beige land.


Created with images by The U.S. Army - ""Band of Brothers""

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