The Texas daily Written by JaCk Griffin

Reconstruction is the act of getting our country back together. We need this to happen because there are states that still aren't back in the union. The south is torn apart but we aren't going to pay for their war debts and expenses, many of them are without their property, we need to get the union back together.

President Lincoln wanted 10 percent of each state to admit they were wrong to succeed and that they wanted to be back in the union that's it. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s theater. President Johnson has fixed requirements for states to be readmitted to the union first they have to abolish slavery, they were required to nullify their act of secession, understand that the United States would not pay for their civil war debts.

Gordon Granger will be the new unifier for Texas on behalf of the union he will help restore Texas to the union. Juneteenth is the day that African Americans were free from their owners and troops were needed to help free them from owners that weren't complying. A hard task for the freedmen is finding jobs and trying to provide for themselves and their families and that's why the freedmen's bureau is there to help freedman and their families by providing clothes, house, medicine, food etc.

President Johnson appointed Andrew Hamilton as the provisional governor of Texas because he was a unionist, and we like him because he's from the south. The constitutional convention was pretty much made up of confederate leaders not a single freedman. The convention was very bias against freedman.

The new constitution of Texas is very similar to the constitution of Texas when they

The new constitution of Texas is very similar to the constitution of Texas when theythseceded a couple years ago it was only changed by freeing African Americaens and giving them the minimum amount of rights to get Texas back into the union. The ex confederates currently have control of the Texas delegates this means that they will refuse the equal rights of freedmen for many years to come. The black codes are being created by the delegates which are going to be all of the rights for the freedman, some of theses include them not being able to testify against a white man in court and other brutal things we aren't aloud to say.

Congress say they feel president johnson's plan is not working because the southern states aren't rebuilding there just complying with him and then changing their ways. A new thing called the military districts are popping up because of the out of control states and there people, Texas and Louisiana being the 5th district these districts are almost entirely controlled by the military. An oath for the right to vote now needs to be taken by southerners, it states that they were not involved in aided or volunteering in the confederate army.

White men and freedman are helping freedman to register to vote an unreliable source speaks of about 50,000 freedman are now registered to vote. A new clan named the Ku Klux Klan has sprung up to try to stop freedmen from voting and people helping them to vote. The KKK also opposes carpetbaggers and scallywags because they are trying to reconstruct the south and the KKK doesn't want them to do that.

March 1870 marks the date that reconstruction ended in Texas. White people are upset about high taxes and corrupt Texas state police. most freedmen live in small communities with a church and/or a school away from the big towns, and some in towns working for white people. The republican government was overthrown after refusal to give in to the New Democratic government, I think we won't see a republican government for a long time.


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