Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit: Chicago Grace Moore & Janessa Mosqueda

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Chicago, located at 108 W. Germania Pl., is a showcase of Vincent Van Gogh's most well known works of art. Tickets are available for this location until Sept. 6, 2021 and range from $39.99 to $49.99 for one hour time slots. Janessa Mosqueda '22 and Grace Moore '22 have written a joint review about this exhibit.

Moore's & Mosqueda's perspective:

When we first walked into the exhibit, we felt extremely lost. We had been expecting to walk through an exhibit that featured physical paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. There was music blaring through the entire exhibit, while Van Gogh’s works were projected onto the walls through a large projector. This exhibit was unlike anything we had ever seen before, and it felt like a sensory overload.

Initially, we were disappointed because we had expected a large exhibit with actual artifacts, but once we adjusted to our surroundings, we were no longer disappointed. The colors were constantly changing with music that complimented the mood of each painting. Large mirrors were placed in the middle of two of the rooms to amplify the feeling of being immersed in Van Gogh’s artwork. The mirrors helped make it seem like there was no end or beginning of the pieces that were being presented.

We had enough time to watch the show two times through, and we moved spots in between showings. Once we were seated in a different area, it was like we were seeing a completely different show. We got to see new aspects of the paintings than what we initially witnessed. We were also able to enjoy it more thoroughly the second time through since we were no longer focused on taking pictures and videos. We thought that it was a much better idea to make the experience an hour long because it’s hard to focus and take in everything the first time around. This way if you miss something, you have a chance to see it again. It was perfect because when you see true art, art that moves you, that changes you, the first thing you want to do is see it again, which is exactly what we got to do.

COVID-19 precautions were in place as there were designated places for visitors to sit and watch the show. Masks were required and circles were cast onto the ground six feet apart to ensure that viewers could enjoy the artwork safely. After the show, we were able to visit the gift shop where they sold snacks and souvenirs.

Throughout the show, we were able to see how beautiful the artwork was and how well the music went with it. We loved the loud joyous songs that went with the bright, sunflower-y art just as much as we enjoyed the dark, monotonous paintings and somber music. We felt like not only did we learn about Van Gogh and his art, we learned about ourselves. There is not much time to think due to the constant changing of the projected artwork; this causes you to get lost in the way his art makes you feel. Being in the huge Van Gogh rooms gave us an incredible feeling of euphoria. There was nothing to worry about for an entire hour. Although it was not what we initially expected, this exhibit is something that we would go back to see for a second time. It’s definitely worth the price of admission. The format that Van Gogh’s art is presented in is breathtaking and allows for a truly immersive experience.


Janessa Mosqueda Grace Moore