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So you've booked your dream shoot or your seriously contemplating one! Well first off, Congrats! The first step is the hardest! Many woman have a hard time justifying splurging on themselves or just don't think that they have what it takes to be sexy. Well, guess what!? You ARE sexy and you ARE worth it! So stop making excuses and read on to find out how to prepare for your very own shoot! This guide includes everything you need to ensure that you are relaxed and ready to go the day of your shoot! So grab a glass of wine, sit back and read through to find out all the details.

What is Boudoir?

Well, its basically a French work meaning "a woman's bedroom", but now days boudoir encompasses so much more. GlamMarr Studios styling is a mix of boudoir, glamour and modern pin up and it's truly unique. Our style is dark, moody and sensual. If you like mysterious and sexy you're in the right place! There is no "right" way to do boudoir. You'll want to select a photography studio that appeals to your style. Our studio focuses more on the voyeuristic, organic feeling image rather than light, airy or romantic posed images. We like to get a bit naughty here!

Who is this for and why do I need one?

A sexy photoshoot is literally something ALL women should do at least once in their lives. This is a way to embrace and celebrate who we are RIGHT NOW. This is for the woman who is struggling with self image and confidence. This is for the woman who is happy in her skin and wants to show it. This is for women wanting to celebrate a life event or women just wanting to do something nice for themselves. In other words, there isn't any one reason WHY you need one. That's up to you. You can even say it's a gift for your sweetheart... we know you'll enjoy it just as much, it will be our little secret!

But I'm "too" something or another...

No you're not. No one is 'too" anything. Too big, too little, too old ... etc. Nope, I take that back. You can be too young. You have to be 21 to have your photos taken here. Other than that you're good to go! Over our 13 years in business doing NOTHING but intimate photography, we've worked with literally every age, body shape and size. Trust me when I say that you are fucking gorgeous and you're a perfect candidate for a boudoir photo shoot!

What's included in the session fee?

Our session fee is $600 and is due the day you select and book your shoot. This can be paid in full or split in half (half the day you book your session, half the day of your session). The session fee includes in studio professional hair and makeup, including false lashes, the photoshoot itself (which is around 2 hours long but we do not have a time limit. We take as much time as needed to get the perfect shots! The reveal is included as well, this is where you select your products and photos and is usually about 1 week after your shoot. We also include the use of our studio wardrobe (sizes ranging from XS-4X) if needed as well as expression and posing guidance.

Travel & location sessions are available at an additional cost. We can also book other locations, IE Airb&B upon request. Additional fees apply.

There are also some additional perks included when you schedule a full priced session the same day as our phone consult. Be sure to click the pricing link below to read more about that!

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yes! All of our sessions include professional hair and makeup! This is done in studio (we're a one stop shop!) by one of our two amazing, licensed hair and makeup artist. They provide all of the makeup, false lashes and heated hair styles. They work closely with you and I to ensure that your look is flawless and perfect for the feel of your shoot.

What about wardrobe?

GlamMarr Studios has an extensive number of pieces on hand including lingerie, vintage pieces, dresses, corsets, stockings, garters, jackets, petticoats, thigh highs, heels and other accessories! Sizes range from straight to plus. We also recommend bringing in your own items as well. A typical shoot usually allows for around 3-4 looks (including your birthday suit) so plan accordingly! On the day of your shoot we will plan out the details of your shoot using the wardrobe that you bring in plus any pieces from our closet that we think may look good as well. Read our Wardrobe section to get more info on this subject.

Our Wall O shoes!
A small portion of our client closet. Much more available. Sizes sm-6XL

Ok, but I have no idea how to pose. I'm not photogenic either.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I would be able to quit and move to Maui! Seriously though, EVERYONE is photogenic. This has everything to do with the person taking the photo and nothing to do with the person getting their photo taken. I repeatedly turn around the camera throughout the session just to prove that you are indeed quite photogenic after all! As far as posing and expression, I will be the first to tell you that I am weird as fuck in front of a camera myself. Soon as a camera gets pointed at me I'm making a cheesy face with my tongue out, so I get it! However, when you are here in our studio, we walk you through EVERYTHING. We show you how to pose, how to arch, how to get those sexy expressions even when you're feeling nervous or silly. You have nothing to worry about!

Do you shoot couples?

Yep! We sure do! A day at GlamMarr studios helps our couples to reconnect to each other! Plus its way more fun than going to the movies!

Wow, So you pretty much have it all covered?

Absolutely! We believe that the key to having the best experience possible is planning and working with an experienced studio. Every detail is prepared and planned for you. We take out all the guess work! This is one of the biggest differences between us and many other studios in the area. We will walk you through the ENTIRE process. No need to worry about anything, we got you covered down to the smallest detail! Have questions? We're available for questions whenever you may need us!

But WHAT does it cost ?

Cost can be a hard factor to determine by only giving my clients a range of prices. The phone consult helps me to personalize and understand what you are wanting from your experience. Pricing ranges based on things such as; what is purchased, amount of images purchased, products etc. We do not require our clients to chose their products and packages before they see their images. We feel that its difficult to know what you will spend when you haven't even seen your gorgeous photos yet!

Our most popular package includes 25 digital images of your choice, with print release, on USB plus a complimentary 8x8 Lux album filled with those 25 images for 2500.

Pricing subject to change without notice, however, you will be lock into rates that are current when you book (unless you reschedule further than 6 months out from your original appointment date)

For more detailed pricing and other pricing options, click the link below. If the pricing/payment guide doesn't load right away please refresh it a few times!

Click here to see the Pricing and Payment Plan guide

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer multiple options to pay! That is also listed in the pricing guide.

Lets get ready for your shoot!

A Few Months Before your Shoot

Find your wardrobe and plan your outfits! Buy things that MAKE you feel sexy not what you THINK is sexy! This is very important! When you wear something you feel good in it shows! Wardrobe does not have to just be lingerie. (see our wardrobe section). Try on EVERYTHING! If you're buying online be sure that they have a good return policy! Choose items that emphasis the areas you like and de-emphasis areas you don't. If the fit isn't right CHUCK IT. Do not skimp on this part! This is an investment in yourself. This may be a once in a live time endeavor! You don't have to spend a ton on wardrobe either. Shop your local bargain stores or fashion stores (Forever 21, Gordmans, Tj Max etc) you'll be surprised at what you find!

Check out photos online and on our website! Practice posing in the mirror. Figure out what your good angles are and what looks best. Experiment with different facial expressions. Put some music on and dance around in some skimpy undies. Look at your body, watch how it moves. Roll with it. Focus on what you love! It sounds silly but it works!

Check out the product and pricing GUIDE (Click on "GUIDE". Get an idea of what you might want! Are you into albums? Thinking about putting a canvas of a sexy, mysterious shot of yourself over your bed so you can wake up to it everyday? This will really help you to set aside any extra dough as well as budget for the future if you're needing to do a 6 month payment plan. This also helps if you need to make arrangements with paypal (and their no-interest-for-6-months deal, which is great if you want your stuff NOW!) and it gives you a chance to go over any spending needs with your significant other if needed! Plan ahead!

One Week before your Shoot

If you wax, do so now to avoid any bumps and redness! We suggest Monika Rudzika at Nirvana Salon located in Ofallon (618) 632-8684. Monika offers a discounted rate for our clients so be sure to mention that you have a shoot with GlamMarr Studios! If you've scheduled a full price session, one preshoot brazilin wax is included at no cost to you, please let her know so that she can charge GlamMarr for your wax before your shoot. We recommend 1 week beforehand.

Don't forget to wax places like your upper lip and peach fuzz as well. Take care to pluck any stray hairs on your face!

Exfoliate your lips! You can find products at your local store, such as sugar scrubs, or create your own following simple recipes online. If all else fails use your toothbrush to gently scrub your lips after you brush your teeth! Do this a few times a week to have perfectly puckerable lips!

Have your eyebrows professionally shaped. This makes a HUGE difference! If you've never had this done before then we suggest doing this even earlier (like a month or two before your shoot) so that you are used to the new look! If you maintain your own eyebrow shape be sure that it is clean and plucked a few days before your shoot. The makeup artist will not be able to really highlight your gorgeous brows if there are stray hairs all over!

If you are planning on going to the salon for a cut or color make sure you give yourself plenty of time to be certain you are happy with the outcome. This gives you time to make a change if needed.

Visit the salon to get a mani and a pedi! Remember this is a special occasion and you should treat yourself! If you choose to skip the salon make sure your nails and toes are well manicured with no chips and a pleasing color. Nudes are best if you are not particularly skilled at painting nails. If your nails are chipped you will see them in your photos!

Stay out of the sun! If you must go in the sun be sure to slather on the sunscreen! A tan looks great but a sunburn will ruin your photos! DO NOT FAKE TAN!

If you are concerned about bloating this is the time to start drinking LOTS of water! This will help you to shed water weight, slim your middle and it will make your skin glow! You can also cut out sugar, carbs and water to really cut your body before your shoot. This is totally optional (you look great how you are!) but can really help you feel that extra OOMPH of sexy for you shoot!

Prepare a playlist on your smart phone. You can sync your phone to our Bluetooth system in the studio! Make a playlist full of songs that make you feel upbeat and sexy! In the very least create a Pandora station that you love! Plan for about 2-3 hours of songs. You'll be glad that you did!

The Day before your Shoot

Remove all of the tags from your outfits! That goes for bras and panties too. Be sure to use scissors to remove them cleanly and safely. If any of your items are wrinkled use a steamer (or tumble dry or hang near a hot steamy shower) to remove the wrinkles and store them on a hanger until your shoot. Inspect all of your items to ensure they are clean, tear free and ready to go!

Shave, moisturize and remove any unwanted facial hair (this may have already been done if you have waxed and you can skip this step) Remember that we may pose you very intimately so keep that in mind when you are shaving. You may want to tidy up a bit more than you would normally IE around your booty cheeks (you would be surprised how many woman have a strip of hair down their butt crack that don't know it!) and bikini line!

Exfoliate! Do this to both your lips and your face. Our lips in the winter get very dry and cracked! Use a nice moisturizer afterwards. This will remove the dead skin and give the makeup artist a clean pallet. Do NOT do this the day OF your shoot as it can irritate the skin and cause redness. If you're new to exfoliation be sure to read the directions and DONT overdo it!

Wash your hair! Day old hair is the best to style. If you wash it the day of the shoot it wIill not hold the curl or style as well. The exception is if your hair is prone to being oily then it is suggested that you wash it the day of your shoot and completely blow dry it. Be sure that hair is completely dry and oil free. We do not have a blow dryer in the studio and overly oily hair can be damaged by the heating wands. Make sure hair is product free. Heat protectant applied before blow drying is ok. If you are brining extensions make sure that they are clean and combed and fit properly to your head and hair cut/color. If you have any allergies please let us know BEFORE your shoot (IE Latex, dyes etc).

Get everything packed up and ready to go! Do not wait until the morning of your shoot. You want the day of to be relaxing! Double check EVERYTHING! Have a checklist! Check weather and traffic reports so that you are aware of any situations that may arise during your commute to the studio and adjust accordingly.

Get some sleep! This is NOT the time to have a girls night out drinking! You do not want to be hungover or sleep deprived! It will show! Get at least 8 hours of great sleep!

The Day of your Shoot!!! (YAY its finally here!!)

Wear loose fitting clothing to your session. If you can go without bra and panties that even better. Remember socks leave lines too! A nice loose shirt, yoga pants and slippers or flip flops are perfect! No jeans, socks or tight tops please. If you have an event after your shoot you can always bring an outfit to change into.

Wear clear, non staining deodorant.

Be sure you eat a light breakfast. Bring a snack and a beverage to if you'd like! You may bring wine or an adult beverage but we do suggest against it as it will leave a red flush on your chest (this is just a thing that happens to everyone!).

Arrive to the studio at your scheduled time. If you are going to be late please let us know as soon as possible. Depending on the bookings that day, if you are running more than 15 minutes behind a reschedule may be needed. Be sure to check weather and traffic reports and preplan your route ahead of time!

Take a deep breath and get ready for an amazing time!!! We know your nervous. Trust me. I hear it every time I meet a new client! You have NOTHING to worry about. I will personally design your photoshoot while you are in hair and makeup, I will let you know exactly what to do AND I'll even give you a demonstration before we start. You'll get to see each pose before you attempt it as well as being guided through it as we go. Same goes for expression. You just come in and let me do all the work!! I can assure you that you are going to do AMAZING!

Studio Location & Parking

For safety reasons, our studio address is released only after our booking is paid and confirmed. We are located in Collinsville, IL which is about 15 miles from downtown St Louis Mo.

There are a TON of set options at our studio location!

We are located in a residential area and you may park in the driveway which is situated to the left. The main entrance is around front. We will be ready and waiting for you! Please arrive at your scheduled time. No need to arrive early! If you are more than 15 minutes late a reschedule may be needed so play your commute accordingly!

After your Shoot-Image Reveal

Our clients LOVE their image reveals!

Image reveals are typically 1-2 weeks after the day of your shoot. These can be schedule any weekdays. Appointments are available mornings, afternoons or evenings. Our most popular reveal times are Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings. Reveals typically last around 1 hour.

The images you see at the reveal are the images we select from your session. Normally you are presented with around 50-75 images. Sometimes we may have more! We remove all images that do not uphold our standard of quality. All the images you see will be non retouched except for small lighting and tone adjustments. This is one of the things that sets our studio apart from the rest as we WANT you to see yourself without any kind of photoshop trickery! Our clients are down right amazed to see how stunning they are with NO editing at all. We strive to help create positive body image here and while we do offer light retouching after the images are selected we NEVER make you look like some one you are not!

You will be able to touch and see all of our samples during this time as well! This will really give you a full picture of what you will be receiving.

Payment plans are also created and signed during this time. All ordering must be done during the reveal session so plan accordingly. We do offer additional reveal sessions for $150.

Please no children at the reveal. Due to the nature of the photos we are unable to have any minors in the studio at any time. If you show up to the reveal with any minors (under 21) we will reschedule with rescheduling fee.

And while we're at it.... No men at the studio! Unless its a couples shoot or a man Ive done a photo session with, no men are allowed at the reveal. This may seem harsh but due to several issues in the past we have implemented this rule. Regardless of who the shoot is for, this experience is for YOU. If you are doing this as a gift your significant other will love any photos that you choose! Most important is that YOU love the images you choose! I find that when a man is in the studio he feels pressured to choose what he feels the woman likes and she feels pressured to pick what he likes. In the end both wind up leaving with images they don't like as much as others. A better idea is surprising your man with an album or canvas of YOUR favorite images while wearing the same outfit. Do this in the privacy of your own home. Have some sexy music on... pour some drinks... What happens next is up to you. You can thank me later!

Have an idea of what you might want. I mentioned earlier to really look over the pricing and product guide well before your shoot happens. Most woman don't expect to like the outcome of all of their images and, at best, hope to like a few. This never happens! They always like so many more than they ever anticipate! So budget accordingly. If you need to speak with a spouse etc have a "worse case scenario" about how much you can spend. A lot of clients budget around 1000 or so but end up spending double that or more. Don't have sticker shock! Plan ahead! Remember this is no different than saving up for a vacation or any other amazing experience in life! Splurge a little. Trust me you wont care when you are 75 years old holding your gorgeous album full of beautiful photos of yourself! Hell, you wont care even a year from now when you pick up that album every time you need a little boost in confidence!

Product Turn around Time

Digital images normally take around 2-3 weeks for completion from the day of the reveal. Rush completion is available. Albums and canvas take around 4-6 weeks.

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