Czech Republic By CAroline

Population: 10,162,912

Currency: Czech Koruna

Time difference from USA +5 hours.

Continent: Europe

Capital: Prauge

Did you know the Charles Bridge has 75 statues on it? The Czech Republic has very pretty cities like Prague and clean candle lit suburbs. People come to Czech to see the Charles Bridge, learn about King Charles IV, and celebrate All Souls Day

The Charles Bridge is an amazing place in Czech. It's always top on the “things to see list”. It's a very good place to meet friends, sight seeing, and sketching the city. If you are lucky, you might catch a band! The Charles Bridge was named after King Charles IV (the fourth) What is interesting is about Charles Bridge is the statues. Charles IV ordered it to be built by his favorite builder and sculptor, Peter Parlor. Egg yolks were mixed in with the cement, it was said to make it stronger. They were right! After so many floods the Charles Bridge still stands today. Instead of bricks Peter Parlor used stone. For the statutes, they started being built in the 17th century! 30 statues once stood there but since there were a ton of floods there are now 75. Most of them are copies of the originals, and some were put in the Charles Bridge Museum. The oldest and definitely the most popular is the ¨John Of Nepomuk” statue. He was a saint and was killed during the reign of Wenceslas IV. He killed John by throwing him off the Charles Bridge. Tourists are allowed to touch the statues and if you touch the John Of Nepomuk" statue it is said to give you good luck.The Charles bridge is a very pretty place to visit.

The Charles Bridge and a boat under it!

The Charles Bridge at night

3 of the statues

The Charles bridge at dusk.

A cloudy day on the Charles Bridge

A pretty day on the Charles Bridge!

John of Nepomuk statue

For my famous person I chose King Charles IV

Charles IV was born on 1316. Born into a royal family he became king and and late a emperor. He was a very smart king and a good one too. People called him “The Father Of The Czech Nation.” Charles IV made Czech language the official language at the time. He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1355. Charles made Prague one of the most prosperous European cities. Finally he established Prague as Capital of Europe. Then he died in 1378. Emperor Charles IV was a very good leader according to his people.

Statues of Charles IV

All Souls Day is a holiday celebrated in Czech. Its is called All Souls Day. This holiday's true name is Pamatka Zesnulych. On this day it is said that when you die you are not rid of your sins. People think lighting candles, hanging up wreaths, and adding flowers to the graves will get rid of their sins and get them to heaven. All Souls Day is a quiet time not like Halloween. It is celebrated on Saturday, November 2nd. Churches are allowed to have 3 masses. It is on Saturday because that is the day Jesus was in the tomb. No matter what weather that will not stop Czechs from visiting graves on All Souls Day.

Somewhat would All Souls Day would look like

Now would you consider taking a trip to The Czech Republic? Czech is known for its landscapes and tourist places. Certainly, next time you should consider visiting Czech for its holidays, landmarks, and its intersting people.





painting of Czech

among the roof tops

Czech castle!

they love orange!!

yep and red

thats how they travel


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