Carving By: Jelena

The thing I desired to carve was this design that I found on the internet, the characters name is Chat Noir. I got the idea when a friend of mine said that I should try making a carving of Chat Noir (we both loved the show), so I deceived I would make a carving of him. I went on the internet and searched around for the perfect picture of him, this was the one I found.

I customozied my design by painting his colors black or white. What I did to make sure the design would carve is that I thickended out the tail,hair,bell, and mouth. I didn't really change much other then painting the design and thickening it out. My idea changed sometimes when some things wouldn't work out well on the design, I kept trying diffrent pen sizes and sooner or later found the right one to thicken out the hair and other tiny details.

The steps to get the design in easel were pretty easy, just making everything black and white. I didn't really remove much detail, and I prepared my design by going back and forth between what will change between the actual picture. After thickening out everything I changed the Material and Bit Size, after that I started the simulation to see how long it would take and I finished.

My carving came out the way I exactly planned, it has everything I needed the ears,hair,eyes etc. what I'm most proud of is that this carving was actually able to work out, I thought that it might end up horribly, but what I would improve would have to be the hair. The most intesting part of this whole process was fixing up some parts, and watching the project carve. What was the most difficult part was looking for ways to carve the project, but I think that it went perfectly well.

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